Tour de Finish Day 9

Day 9 was almost a day of rest, but I buckled down and cast on for another hat. This time I am claiming the hat since I have ceased using the original Slouch Baby Hats numbers, depth, or decreases, over the course of knitting them. This hat is preemie sized in a solid color using DK yarn. I am trying to use up the odd balls I have accumulated over the years.

image image image

I asked our church pastor today if I could knit hats during his sermon. The hats knit on Sunday morning will be donated to the Operation Christmas Child charity. Our church has a year long drive to fill boxes, so I am trying to contribute. Won’t get many done for this push, but I can work on them throughout the year. And I will use up all those scraps I have lingering in my stash. Just need to make sure I don’t use pure wool that can end up felted.

Sadly, no knitting happened on Mr Collins. I just wasn’t feeling the love after an intense few days of knitting during the trip. Hopefully I can get back to it. But with 14 days left on the Tour, I am thinking I won’t get too far behind. Especially if I knit today during their rest day.

I’ll leave you with pics of my boys. Such silly guys!

image image

Happy Touring!


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