Tour de Finish Day of Rest

I had not planned to rest on the 10th day, but with a trip to Mom’s for the dogs, girls, and I, to hang out in the pool, it pretty much means you are no good for the rest of the day. I was able to make dinner once we got home, but not much else happened besides laundry. Good thing I have more hat finishes to share. Even though I was mainly using the TdF for the sweater to be finished, the hats still count!

image  image
Gray body, Orange brim

image image
Gray/Blue striped body, Gray brim

With not much more effort I will be done with these Valley DK Superwash yarns and able to move on to other yarns for the Operation Christmas Child hats. These hats are headed to a local hospital for their babies. This photo shows the difference in sizing from this series of hats.


I would estimate the top two are preemie and the bottom two are small newborn sizes. The Valley DK from WEBS is just so soft once washed. Very drapey, so I think it will be perfect for small heads in mild weather. I have some others knit that will be for more harsh conditions. Now I just need to line up the yarn for the next batches. Oh, and get back to Mr Collins!!! Must. Not. Lose. Focus!

How is your tour going?

Parting shots, College Girl and Mini Cooper during and after their day.

 image image

The Doodles just love the pool! Cooper just jumps in and swims constantly, iNDy wants you to throw the soaker ball into the pool so he can jump after it. They basically don’t stop the entire time we are in the pool. Hence, very tired dogs and their peoples by the end of the day.


3 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Day of Rest

  1. Your hats look so soft and well stitched. Very lovely and polished! I love the color blocking and stripes. Very fun. It sounds like you had a very nice time with your family. A great summer day. What is it with laundry? Why is it always there?!?

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