Mid July Recap

Wow, this month has been so busy! Between medical issues with the loves of my life, Hubster, College Girl, AND Diva Girl, I have been in and out of ER’s, Doctor Offices, and Pharmacies. I am so done with it, but with 2 surgeries coming up, 1 for each daughter, I am no where near close to quitting. So I will muddle on. But you’re not here for that. On to the knitting recap.

So far this month I have:
Knit up 1386 yards and 7 skeins
Destashed 687 yards and 3 skeins
Bought 219 yards and 1 skein

So for the month of July I have 1854 yards and 9 skeins less in my stash than when I started the month. That’s a win-win in my book!

YTD totals are:
Knit up 7070 yards and 32 skeins
Destashed 907 yards and 4 skeins
Bought 6511 yards and 27 skeins

That means year to date I am ahead 1466 yards and 9 skeins. Finally my output has exceeded my input!

On the finishing end of things, hats have been the best for me. I have finished 9 baby hats! I have used the Slouchy Baby Hat as a spring board, changing up the depth, width, and gauge between hats. Such an easy pattern and great for using up scraps. Hats seem to be the hit for me in July. With warmer weather and life getting in the way, they just seem to be the best item for easy knitting. But I am still knitting on the sweater, so hopefully the rest of the month will see it done.

Plum Pudding, Mellow Yellow
Red Head, Gray Goose, Red Head Too

3 preemies and 1 newborn

Goals for July

  1. Finish Miss Dashwood – not even a thought at this point!
  2. Knit on/Finish a long standing UFO, Collins – very possible finish, or near finish on this.
  3. Find out gender for a baby blanket due in November – still waiting.
  4. Plan out a scrap blanket with my basket of leftovers – haven’t even, been distracted by scraps for hats.
  5. Endure the painful moving of my teeth due to another round of braces. Finally have top and bottom on the front 8 teeth. At age 54 it hurts more to have orthodontia, or so I am told. I believe it! – blech, still working on this, with another 12 months probable treatment to go.


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