WIP Progress and Tour de Finish Day Something

Day Something or other? I’m seriously losing track of EVERYTHING right now. College Girl had a Dr appt and I totally wiffed the date! Then I was supposed to drop off a key to someone after the appt I thought we had, and didn’t even think of it until she texted me! So she planned to come out to the house to pick it up, and when the door bell rang I had no clue who was coming to my house! Gah!

But on the knitting side of it I am getting things done. Wahoo! And not just the umpteen hats I have been making, I also worked on the sweater. That left front is almost done!!!

image image
Left front and back

But I also did add another hat to the pile. Almost identical to the other purple one I made previously.

image image image

Now I have to stop the hat making and really work on the sweater. It is getting so close. While I am working toward that goal, head over to see what else is in the works for others this week.

Pretty flowers from my Mom’s garden, cause I can’t even grow grass!

7 thoughts on “WIP Progress and Tour de Finish Day Something

  1. Yes, the sweater is getting close….I will work on mine, once I get back…it’s for Rhinebeck, so I don’t need it until October….I love those flowers…the Hubs grows things for me…

  2. I am in the same predicament. Work has become super busy and I’m spending more time at the office than normal. I have no idea what day of Tour de Fleece it even is. I consider it a win if I actually spin at all lately. Oh well.

  3. Ha! I have days like that they are called Wednesdays but more often called Mondays 😉

    You are really doing an excellent job on that sweater and I am absolutely under your influence and have gathered my gear to cast on Gramps this weekend 🙂

    Hope your girl is okay and you’re enjoying the day with ease. Love the flowers!

  4. It must be contagious! Lately, I’ve had to set the alarm on every single clock/device just to remind myself to wake up on work days since my summer schedule is so crazy. One day I showed up for work when I wasn’t even scheduled 😦
    You are making great progress on the sweater.

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