Quick Tour de Finish Post Day 11

They were back at it after their day of rest, so I got back on it too. While hanging with the knit buds on Wednesday I worked on the left front. After knitting I grabbed groceries and finally, 2 hours later, I was in my chair and knitting to the end of the front. Didn’t bother to take a photo since it was not much different from the photo I showed yesterday. But, then I got distracted with puzzle books and a few hours later I finally cast on the last sleeve. And got through the cuff and 1 repeat of the cable.

Wish I could get a good night time photo of this, but the brown is just too dark!

I am getting more excited for the finish of the pieces, but then more nervous too. Will it fit, have I spent all this time knitting for naught? My biggest concern is the sleeve fit. I even increased more than the pattern called for to fit my upper arms. No one seems to think a size 14 body takes a very big sleeve size. But us more “mature”, in body but not in spirit, women need a little more room up there! Just hoping it all meshes with the armhole when I get ready to seam it. Today I plan to block the finished pieces and then start seaming once I finish the last sleeve. Fingers crossed this gets done by the end of the TdF!! Even though it will still be too warm to wear, I will be very happy to have it done.


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