FO Friday/Tour de Finish Day ?

Light FO day today. I finished this weeks ago, but had so much backed up it finally gets its post. I had leftover Noro from the Fiddlehead mitts I made, so I thought why not just use it up. I love having hot pads that are pretty, and I love this colorway. So here’s my Target.

Noro Silk Garden
Hot Pad from Knitting at KNoon

I also have been busy making hats, so here’s the first of many.

image image
Ella Rae Superwash
Slouchy Baby Hat

Join in the FO Fun with the others, here and here.

I am so confused, I am a day behind! I couldn’t figure out why I seemed to be off on my count for the Tour de Finish. That’s because I totally missed posting one day. Not sure how, but chalk it up to the confused state my mind is in most days. As to today’s post, I got nothing. I spent the previous day at Dentist and grocery, then came home and vegged out. Later in the evening had dinner out with College Girl, her BFF, and BFF’s Mom. What fun. But it all means no knitting got done. Oh well, there’s always today.

I did get a knitting related call. I dropped off the knit hats, I had piled up, at a local Women’s Hospital. The Volunteer Coordinator called to say thank you and gush over the hats. They really weren’t anything spectacular, but it’s nice to receive recognition. I asked her if they ever let people volunteer to rock the babies, but she said no, health regs don’t allow it. I don’t know which is worse, that life is so regulated these days, or that there were events that happened to cause the regs to be put in place.

Now to get my bag packed with the next round of yarns to use for hats. This batch will be for my church’s charity focus, Operation Christmas Child.


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