Tour de Finish, getting so close!!!

The pieces are done!!! Most all are blocked, just the last sleeve to block. I have measured the pieces against existing sweaters and it looks like it will fit. I think I over blocked the 1st sleeve, so I might reblock it when I block the 2nd one. Just afraid it will be too long.

 image image image

That sleeve shot is not so good, it’s the blocking board it’s on. The yarn is more on the order of the top photos. For some reason I thought I had to do the collar to 6″, but I only need to knit to 3″. Yeah for less knitting than I thought!!

So my Tour is looking like it just might be a winner. I only have 8 days left to knit on it, but I have so little left to do, so the end is in sight, and I just might come in the victor. Well, I guess it isn’t hard to be the victor when I am the only one running my race. LOL.

What does your Tour look like? I hope it’s getting you where you want to go. Here’s to hoping I can turn the AC down REAL low and make it cold enough in my house to party in my new sweater in a week or so!


2 thoughts on “Tour de Finish, getting so close!!!

  1. Those CABLES!!! Wow, they are awesome. I guess it is the Irish in me, but I just love a good cabled sweater. Yours in gorgeous. Turn down the A/C and party ON!

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