Tour de Finish/Surgery Day

My Tour de Finish sweater journey took a back seat on Sunday. Sundays are now deemed Charity Hat Knitting Day. I cast on a hat while listening to the sermon and then finished it Sunday evening. In between Diva and I took the dogs to swim at my Mom’s. My sister and nephew dog are in town so we have been hanging with them the last few days. Which means the knitting is sporadic.

But a hat is quick to crank out if not too large. I cast on 90 sts and barely had enough to make the full hat. Gah! I omitted several in-between-decrease-row rows. Since this is just going into a charity pile, it need not be an exact fit to a known person. It will hopefully fit somebody!

image image

The yarn is Jenny Watson DK from a WEBS purchase this year. I made 2 baby items from the 4 colors I ordered and now will use up the remaining skeins for hats. With only 90-100 yards left per skein I may have to do stripes and just get 2 more hats out of the bunch. I just had 100 on the yarn above. Maybe just do a preemie with any small scraps left over.

Surgery Day: It’s the 3rd surgery for Diva Girl this year. A laparoscopic surgery in Feb, wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago, and now a gall-bladder removal today. Please pray the Dr is sure and swift and that she recovers well. She didn’t do too bad with the similar operation in Feb, so we are encouraged. Both grandmas are going to be out of town, so they are not happy to be away from her during the surgery. But she will be fine. We are hoping this will decrease the pain issues she has been experiencing, but I fear we will still be chasing the lower abdominal pain. Thanks for any good thoughts you can send our way.

4 thoughts on “Tour de Finish/Surgery Day

  1. Oh Chris, wishing your girl successful surgery and fast recovery to health. i hope this helps her be pain-free. All the best to you and yours.

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