Tour de Finish 6 days before the end

Nearing the finish and I am not getting any closer to my sweater finish. But I have a good excuse! We got to the surgery center at 8:30 on Monday, and left at 3:30! Poor Diva, she was not doing well during the recovery. Nausea and sleep were about all she could handle. So we did a lot of sitting. But the surgery part was easy, not even the full length of time they estimated. Her surgeon said it was absolutely the right move after seeing the scarring at the site. Evidently the non-functioning of the gall bladder was causing scarring to occur. Poor dear. Thankfully she hasn’t had many more episodes, just a few since the major one that led us to the diagnosis. Hopefully those events will be gone. Thank you to all who sent prayers and good thoughts her way.

The sweater was too much to take with me, so I did take the charity hat yarns and was able to crank out a complete kid hat. I guess 7 hours off and on can yield a DK weight hat. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get 3 more hats out of the yardage I have, but this one only took 95 yards and I have 200 left over. So I will forge on and see if I can get 2 more with the remainder. The next ones will have the green as the main for one, and the taupe as the main for the other. I will stripe it the same, just reversing the colors.


image image
None of the photos really represent the true color of the celery green.

Once we got home and we all settle in for the evening I was able to seam the shoulders and one side seam and then pick up the stitches for the collar. I got through some of the short rows, but there’s still more than half the collar to go!

Today will be a quiet one at home helping Diva recover and then a surgeon consultation in the afternoon. This time it will be College Girl who gets the nod. She will be having a benign tumor removed from her breast. I guess both girls are “like momma, like daughter” since I have had both procedures myself. I guess the question going forward will be…….who gets the appendectomy and who gets the C-Section?


3 thoughts on “Tour de Finish 6 days before the end

  1. Oh my, so much on their plate right now. Hope all goes well with your daughter’s surgery and that Diva recovers quickly.

    You did quite a bit of knitting for a stressful day. The hats are adorable.

  2. Sending my best to your girls Chris. I’m so glad they have you to support them through their ordeals. Such a good Mom! I love the unique touches you give your charity hats. The stripes of colors are always so nice.

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