Tour de Finish Rest

I would say I was just playing along and having a day of rest from finishing my sweater, but that would be a lie. Once again forces are trying to stop my quest. More Dr visits. This time with College Girl to schedule her surgery. They wanted to do it the day before we leave on vacation! Um no, what person wants to go to Florida with an incision that can’t get wet! So it’s scheduled a few weeks before she returns to school. Hopefully she will be all healed up before having to move her stuff in.

Now, I didn’t knit on the sweater, but I did take my hat knitting with me. And good thing, since what I thought would be a quick consult turned into a 2 hour ordeal. They were running late, then we got in, then we had to wait while they wrestled with our surgery dates. I finally got out of there with all the ribbing done on the hat.

Now, I must admit I have had all kinds of time to knit today, but I have been playing hooky and doing too much surfing. Enough to get myself into a KAL, which I suck at! But I was able to pick my own pattern, Sagano Shawl by Laura Chau, and the prize is a set of Knitter’s Pride needles! This shawl has been in my sights for a long time, but I just never pulled the trigger. Now to determine which yarn to use! It calls for 450 fingering, but I am afraid that would just not make a big enough shawl for my preference. I have 3 lots of 700-800 yards to choose from.

Alpaca Sox in Celery Green, Heritage Sock in Hunter Green, Prima Alpaca in Orange
The colors are not as dark as they appear on my monitor

I have green beads for the Heritage Sock yarn, so it’s the lowest on the list since I will want a pattern that will use them. I have less yardage in the Prima Alpaca, so it’s top of the list, but I do love the Alpaca Sox. What to do….I only have 3 days to decide and get it wound!! But first, finish that shawl colllar on Mr Collins! Only 3″ to go!


2 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Rest

  1. When in doubt —- go for the random number generator or let a family member pick a number between 1 and 3! LOL I don’t think you could lose in any case.

  2. oh the shawl looks lovely. I was thinking oh the hunter and then i thought no the celery and then I thought …

    Mr. Collins is almost done! I’m excited to see it. All the best.

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