Tour de Finish Frenzy!

Gah! It’s getting near to the end. Will I make it? The collar is about 2″ short of done. But with the amount of sts per row, I haven’t actually counted them because I don’t want to know!, it’s not going to be a quick 2″. But I still feel confident I can finish in time. Today will be devoted to reblocking the 1st sleeve and blocking the 2nd one to match. While they dry I will work on the collar.

In finish news another hat was done. This one was started while at the Dr office with College Girl getting her surgery scheduled. Once home and settle in for the night I preferred knitting on the small hat, the sweater is just a lug to deal with while reading blogs. And if you stay up late watching movies on Netflix amazing things happen. You finish hats!

image image image

Jenny Watson Merino DK from WEBS is almost used up! 1 more hat and we are done.

This color is my fav of the 4 skeins. It’s called Pistachio and it’s quite appropriate. The yarn is also quite soft and lovely to knit with. Great for baby items. Can’t speak to the wear of it, but I hope it withstands a fair amount of washing.

And just when I thought I was done with baby things, I forgot my cousin’s grandbaby was to make an appearance this year! Good thing I had yarn cobbled together for a boy sweater since that’s what they got. But right now I am in the middle of the Tour and then have a KAL starting on Friday, so I wasn’t sure when I would get to the sweater. I asked aunt and grandma what the new dad’s favorite NFL team is, and they confirmed my thoughts, the Colts. I am working on a cushy hat in blue and white for the baby to wear this winter. Maryland winters are not nice so I am holding the yarn double to make it thicker.

image  image  image

OK, back to collar knitting. This thing has got to be done soon!! Right?


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