Saturday Stash Shopping

You know what gets me in trouble? Seeing all the lovely things everyone is making. So, you’d think that I would stop searching for new blogs to read and looking at those emails everyone sends to me, trying to get me to buy their wares. Oh, and knitting in a yarn shop every Wednesday. But there I go, ignoring the wisdom I might have. Wait, has anyone ever accused me of that? Oh well.

So, it’s no surprise that I went stash shopping after viewing this. Which reminded me I had already bookmarked this. And then my mind got to working so I gathered these for the black adult version and charted my colors.

image Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 7.46.32 PM
Not a perfect rep of the colors since I can’t change the values in Excel on my Mac

The orange on the bottom is the body of the sweater and the natural at the top would be the motif. The sweater calls for 9 colors, but I only have 8, so I will redo the color change somewhere or add the orange back in between the gold and wine. Yes, that sounds like a good option.

So, am I crazy? Probably, because I also had to stash shop these skeins because I just want to make something with them!

Frontier Alpaca in lovely natural shades.

It’s fingering weight and I am thinking a shawl or wrap that shades from light to dark. Any suggestions? Maybe a Daybreak style shawl with the colors changing as I knit?

And now, I just have to stop stash shopping!! I have too many things planned and in progress that I need to focus on. Such as, it’s time to pull out this old UFO (rav link) and get it done! Plus, I just cast on for the Neackwear2015KAL with Knitters Pride and Laura Chau. And don’t even remind me about Miss Dashwood, the baby blanket I need by November, or the baby sweater I now need to knit.

Sagano Shawl/Laura Chau
Prima Alpaca/Plymouth, not as dark as it appears

Check back tomorrow to see if the Tour de Finish was a Tour de Fail or Tour de Victory! Here’s a hint, I’m calling it a tie.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Stash Shopping

  1. Lovely stash enhancement…I admire your courage to take on a fair isle yoked sweater! It will surely be gorgeous 🙂 and who could resist the alpaca? I’m trying to save my yarn purchase for “Summer’s Last Blast Yarn Crawl” here in St. Louis next Thurs-Sunday…but you are pushing the “enabling” buttons!

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