Tour de Finish Fail or Victory?

You be the judge!

image image

I wasn’t sure when I finished and tried it on. But after putting it in the wash tub to soak and then through the spin cycle on my front load, I laid it out on the blocking board to dry. And once I took it off, a miracle happened, all the issues I had with it went away!

The blocking helped the collar loosen up and fold back better.

Just look at those twists and turns!

Much better, the collar tended to want to bunch up.

image image
The shoulders were all wonky, but not now.
(Excuse the hair, I had just gotten home from swimming and the dye appt is Friday)

The full frontal will have to wait until I have not been swimming all evening and actually have an appropriate outfit on. But after dealing with a dead battery on my van and a protein dip right in the middle of dealing with the van, I was spent! At least I didn’t experience the dead battery today! Cause I would hate to have to deal with that in a different state! And just why am I going to be in a different state? Because we have tickets to the Cardinals game and we will be in Section 148, Row 10, Seats 10-13!!!

Basically that blue section right behind home plate on the 1st base side.

Watch for me on the TV. I’d say I’ll be wearing Mr Collins, but not with the temps projected to be in the 90’s! Have I mentioned how much I hate hot weather? Do you think they will let me take my USB personal fan in? It’s Cardinal Red. And I have a Cardinal’s   USB auxiliary charger we got at a game in May. Sounds good to me!


14 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Fail or Victory?

  1. That will be a GREAT sweater come cooler weather! Looks like it is easy to slip on whenever you need it.

    Have fun at the game! 🙂

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