I Feel like I am shirking my duty if I don’t blog every day

After keeping very persistent with blogging each day during the TdF, I think I might have missed one day, it is odd to not be continuing on. But I don’t have a sweater to push to finish, so what to do. Well, there is that KAL I am doing. Maybe if I commit to blogging the progress on it each day I will actually MAKE progress on it each day. Good idea.

From the RAV Forum for Knitters Pride:
What: A knit-a-long for any and all of Laura’s neckwear patterns! And now through the end of July we have a special discount code to save 25%: Use code neckwearKAL15 at checkout!

When: We’ll kickoff the KAL here in the Knitter’s Pride Ravelry group and on the Knitter’s Pride blog and on Friday, July 24, 2015. KAL will end on Friday, August 21, 2015.

Where: Join the fun by sharing your photos here in the Knitter’s Pride Ravelry Group and on Instagram using the hashtag: #kpchauKAL

Prize #1 Buy a pattern
Purchase any neckwear pattern using the coupon code neckwearKAL15 by July 31 and you’ll be entered to win a Nova Platina Deluxe Needle Set!

Prize #2 Post to Instagram
Post a photo on Instagram of your KAL progress using #KPchauKAL and you’ll be entered to win a Marblz Fixed Circular knitting needle. We’ll choose a winner on Friday, July 31.

#3 Start a project page on Ravelry
Start a project page and use the tag KPchauKAL and you’ll be entered to win a Marblz Fixed Circular needle. We’ll choose a winner on Friday, August 14th.

Prize #4 Finish Your Project
Post a photo of your finished project by August 21, 2015 in the Ravelry KAL thread and you’ll be entered to win a Eucalan Gift Pack.

I cast on Friday and was able to get 2 sets of repeats done. Then Saturday was a bust due to obligations in home and away from home, that cleaning just doesn’t get done by itself. Sunday afforded a bit on knitting as we drove over to St Louis for the ball game. Monday I got wrapped up in a hat, so no shawl knitting. Here is my progress up to this point:

Sagano Shawl
Plymouth Prima Alpaca

In looking at the project pages, some have an issue with the directional pattern the Daisy Stitch creates in a triangular shawl. I am very OCD and was worried this would bother me. But I actually don’t mind it. I figure the way I wear wraps it isn’t going to be a focal point. In fact, on the project page for the pattern I don’t even notice the detail. I do find it interesting how to the left of center it appears as lines, but to the right it has a more diffused effect.

I hope it doesn’t take me until August 21st to knit this, but since I will be making it larger, it might. If I can keep the knitting mojo going, it could be done in a few weeks! I will lay off on hat making for a bit and focus on shawls. Miss Dashwood is still in the wings. I just need to knuckle under on that border!

Crossing my fingers and toes that I will actually be able to finish this KAL. I don’t have a good track record with them.


2 thoughts on “I Feel like I am shirking my duty if I don’t blog every day

  1. Your shawl looks good. I’m glad you have found another project that is bringing you joy. I have a craptastic track record for KALs, but I really think you should not feel overwhelmed or pressured to finish or blog. (I seem to perpetually start and stop KALs.) We are lucky you like to share your knitting and your adventures. But this is a safe place for you right? Your knitting, your blog. I just want you to enjoy it and not feel obliged for it. 🙂

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