WIP Runaway

My WIP post will be disjointed and likely not make sense. You see, I’ve run away from home. I took my dogs and went to my parent’s house. It’s OK, they are out of town. I had enough state of mind to grab dog food, my knitting bag, some clothes for today, but I left my phone, which has my license and debit card! Good thing I have my billfold with money, otherwise I might starve!

Some issues at home came to a head and Mom(me) just lost it. I am fed up a bit at the moment and needed to get away! I have not been away from home, it’s responsibilities, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the minimal cleaning we do, or the health issues of all of the others, for any length of time lately. And when I have been gone, it’s because I am taking someone to/from an event, appt, out of town trip, or other. I just hit a wall tonight and couldn’t deal with the frustration I had bottled up. So, because of my situation I am not able to update my knitting progress because my phone, ergo, camera, is at home. So I am recycling the only positive in my life at the moment*, my newly finished sweater!!!

image image

I passed it around at knitting last night, but refused to model it. It’s WAY too hot to wear it right now. Even inside with AC. Now I just want to knit all the sweaters!!!

Little progress has been made on my Sagano since I was doing more ripping back than advancing. Gah! I just was not in a good place to be knitting lace last night. Not sure if I will make it to knitting today. Just need to see how I feel. I may not even go home anytime soon. I do remember vowing to not cook the rest of this week or next, when we are supposed to be on vacation! I may not even want to be with any of “those people” on vacation! I might just stay home with the dog sitter. LOL!

OK, off you go. Join in the link parties and have some fun, it sure is gloomy enough around here!

*I know, there are tons of positives, but just let me have my overly dramatic moment please!

8 thoughts on “WIP Runaway

  1. Well, BUGGER! That’s not fun. Hope things get back to better soon. In the meantime, I recommend copious amounts of knitting, ice cream and bad television!

  2. Enjoy the break..we all need them….I recently needed a break from a very good friend….and the sweater is gorgeous!!!!! It came out wonderfully….

  3. Sometimes you just need to take some time to yourself. I remember as a child, every month or so, my Mom would just take off for a few hours (sometimes a whole day) and come back refreshed. In the midst of taking care of everyone else, you’ve got to take care of yourself too.

    The cardigan is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful job!

  4. Chris we all have times when we need to run away from home. Lord knows I have wanted to lots of times since Mitchie passed. Take a breath, decompress and go home when you feel like it. Sometimes you need to be gone for those you live with to appreciate you. HUGS sweetie! Your sweater is lovely dear!

  5. You are so allowed to have your dramatic moment, even if you weren’t as crazy busy supporting everyone as you do. I completely relate. I reiterate the comments above. I’m definitely known to go my own way, overwhelmed or not. Take care of yourself. It sucks you don’t have your phone, but maybe it’s better … Enjoy the time. Good eats, happy knits and lots of rest or really whatever the heck you want.

    By the way, the sweater looks fantastic! But I do not blame you for not wanting to model it in the summer heat! Take Care!

    ps and random, but I have some single balls of various worsted if you want them for charity knitting I’d be happy to send them out to you. It’s not much but I know you do a lot of knitting for such good causes. Let me know via ravelry or whatever works best for you.

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