Happy Birthday Coo!

I am now officially out of the kids phase and am now entering the legal adult phase with my children. As of today I no longer have “dependent” children in my home. I have legal adults. Whoa! When did that happen? Do I feel old?

Happy Birthday to the funny, bright, engaging, daughter I sometimes call Coo Coo. Not as in crazy, as a nickname I started calling her ages ago. Her dad called the College Girl Boo Boo, so she became Coo Coo.

This coming year will bring lots of changes, planning her college career, finishing her high school career, a new job she starts in a few weeks, and all that goes with it. I know she will do an awesome job no matter what. I also know I need to start stepping back and letting her do for herself now, to gain even more maturity and poise. Oh to go back to when they were 2 and 5, with no cares in the world and no stresses. When all we had to worry about was what we were going to do that day. How I wish we could just experience those days again.

image image
2001 to 2015, still as much fun as ever!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Coo!

  1. Aww happy mother’s day to you! Sending you happy celebration wishes to you and Coo Coo (whose nickname story is pretty darn cute) With a moms like you, how can those girls not be fantastic? lucky you, lucky them.

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