Wednesday WIP

Even though my knitting productivity has waned the last few days, I still have made some progress.


15 of 30 repeats done. This is soooo tedious right now! With the intricacy of the lace and the fact I cannot commit it to memory, it’s slow going.


11 of 12 possible repeats done. I still have quite a bit of yarn left on the first skein so I will press on.

Am I the only one to notice I tend to match my surroundings with my knitting bags?😆 The top bag also matches our condo’s new living room/kitchen wall color and sofa/love seat combo.

The chair in the back right corner will be recovered to go with the new furniture.

Not all of our vacation has been fun and games. Tuesday we undertook some serious business and drove down to Ft Myers to take Diva Girl on a campus visit of Florida Gulf Coast University. We all loved it, College Girl even thought she should change schools and take their PGA major. I want to go back to school for their Hotel and Hospitality Major. I actually had thought of changing my major to that when I was in college umpteen years ago. They have an 8 day cruise class coming up in October! FGCU has shot to the top of her list, and mine too! Even Hubster isn’t making too loud of noises in opposition, he would much prefer her to stay home or in the state of Indiana.


Now back to our regularly scheduled fun and sun vacation!!!


8 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. Look at that! matching bags and furniture, hehe. My knitting is going slow too, but you know, slow and steady … right? I think it’s brilliant you can piggyback college touring with some holiday 🙂 I’m glad you’ve visited one everyone is impressed with. That’s huge, to have a crowd pleaser!

    My husband and I are really trying to make our son think it is expected of him to go to college. Feels weird thinking about it now, as it doesn’t seem so far away.

    1. For our girls going to college has always been a must. They never were allowed to not consider it a part of their future. But I believe that not everyone is meant for college. Each person has to weigh the consideration. Hopefully your son will make the decision that works for everyone. It’s just amazing to me the vast opportunities in business and life today compatrd to when I was in college, and it wasn’t that long ago that I graduated.

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