That Vacation Progress? Yeah, not.

We left Florida a day early, because our girls no longer want to be at the beach with just the parental units! We have arrived at dullness and boredom inducing existence. LOL. When I finally woke up from my early morning nap in the car I got out Miss Dashwood to add some repeats of the border. Only not, because I misplaced my crochet hook!! OK, Sagano it was. Only, I got off track in the stitch count and kept trying to fudge my numbers. Finally it was clear this was no longer a good solution. So I ripped out. I went from 284 sts to 240 in no time flat. And then tried to catch up all those loose sts on the needle. Except the crazy driver was making that fairly impossible.

As I fiddled and reworked the knitting I ended up a stitch off. Could not find the reason why for the life of me. At one point I put it down in my lap and noticed a loop. A loop that was just sitting there without anything attached to it. Really? I had missed a stitch completely! The amazing thing is it had not raveled. But with sticky alpaca it was going nowhere and figuring out what to do about it consumed all of 1 minute. There was nothing for it but unraveling all the way back to the problem.


So, I finally ripped back to stitch count 146 and tried again to re-catch all those loose loops with crazy driver #2 now in the driver’s seat. It made for tense shoulders. After all of that I had no desire to even touch it again, but I made myself do it because I really do not want to lose steam on this project.

So now I will endeavor to push through this knitting mojo killing event and keep on track with my productivity! And also try to find that crochet hook. It was my favorite one!!!


3 thoughts on “That Vacation Progress? Yeah, not.

  1. Breathe deep ——– it’s a new week. Bad knitting mojo be GONE!!!!

    The color of your yarn is just gorgeous (even if it is giving you problems).

  2. You’ll get back on track faster than I can imagine! Though I imagine you a super fast knitter. It will be so much easier … not in a car 🙂

    But this feeling of going backwards and then not wanting to touch it? Yes, I am very very familiar with that feeling.

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