Little of anything or a lot of nothing

Little is getting done around here, so I am not sure how to proclaim the lack of progress. LOL! I took a few days to recover from the trip before trying to work on the knitting. Mostly I was just avoiding the ripping event I held in the car on the way home. Even now, after a bit of re-knitting, I still cringe to see the rewound balls I have yet to knit back into the shawl. That more than anything shows the lack of progress. Do I call it little of anything or a lot of nothing?

I have pulled out Miss Dashwood, having found my crochet hook was hiding in my knitting bag all along, to try and make some progress on it. But distraction from the knit group made for little advancement. 16 row charts with something different in each row is hard to follow and talk at the same time. There it goes again, little of anything or a lot of nothing being accomplished.

So, to escape the lack of anything I made a hat. A small accomplishment, no wait, it was actually big since I was knitting it with close to fingering weight yarn. But then again, it was only a newborn size, so again, is it little of anything or a lot of nothing?

image image image
I find it so sweet even if it’s such a simple color scheme
Yarn is Sirdar Snuggly in White and Valley Yarns Superwash DK in Lavender

I need to work on my pom-pom making! They just never seem to turn out well rounded. I plan to make a few more of this style. I have some blue Valley leftovers and enough white for 2 more hats. But definitely going down a needle size on the next ones. I thought the Sirdar was DK, but it definitely it is closer to fingering.

Now, back to doing little of anything or a lot of nothing! I hope your day is full of whatever level of activity you desire, I know mine will be.

2 thoughts on “Little of anything or a lot of nothing

  1. I feel like my knitting is the only thing that is crawling along right now. Everything else is going at a whirlwind’s pace and I’m worried I’m going to drop the ball or pass out, ha! That pom pom makes the hat even sweeter. I think I need to go knit myself calm. I will try to start that tonight.

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