Friday Fun

Fun is having a cute hat to show today. I just love it, even if it is just a simple color scheme and design, almost the same as yesterday’s hat. But as long as it is using up my scraps and is serviceable for the hospital where I donate my hats, it’s all FABULOUS!!

OK, so maybe not that fantastic, but you gotta just love baby hats. And this one is just about one of my favs of the bunch.

image image image

Wednesday night College Girl headed over to Louisville with her BFF to visit a reserve which allows you to come in and cuddle baby tigers!!!! She had so much fun. I am hoping I can get over there myself to experience the thrill. Since her BFF lives north of us, she drove down to our house before they headed over. Since they got back late BFF stayed with us overnight. In discussing things I found out she is going to be an aunt REAL soon. So I whipped up another hat. This time the yarn was worsted, so it went a lot faster!  I stuck to the same style since the pattern is just about ingrained in my head now. It’s a modified Slouchy Baby.

image image image

Now, to wrap up all of the Valley Superwash DK yarn I will make one more with the blue trim and then I think I am done with this yarn. My spread sheet tells me I still have some black and brown, but I can’t find the scraps?  Oh well, they will turn up somewhere.

Head over to the party to link up your projects!

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