Mid August Recap

I know I say it every month, but really? It’s already Mid-August!!!!? Where is the time going. Diva Girl went back to school this past week and College Girl heads back in 2 weeks. Life needs to SLOW down! OK, Chris, breathe!!!!!

So here’s the low down on the slow down:

Knit 363 yards 2 skeins
Bought 870 yards 2 skeins

So did not plan to go backwards this month! Curses on you *Forbidden Woolery!!! OK, so it was really my own Greed, in Oceans and Springtime!!!

Knit 8696 yards 40 skeins
Destashed 907 yards 4 skeins
Bought 7059 yards 29 skeins

Total of 2546 yards and 15 skeins less in my stash

My pocketbook has been doing better so far this year.
YTD $186.87 as opposed to $302.41 I had spent by this time last year.

Most all of the purchases this year are for specific projects that were either completed or are in the queue to start. The purchase this week was total impulse and no ideas for use are planned at this moment. But I have been collecting a lot of shawl patterns lately, so likely one or two will fit the bill.

Now to confess, I still have 69,153 yards and 384 skeins left in the stash, so I have a long way to go. But I will enjoy every minute of knitting it up!

Now for the visual proof:

3 Charity hats done, the white yarn, Sirdar Snuggly 4 Ply, at the left and bottom right is
actually as soft as it looks!!

Sagano is getting there, 1 of 2 rewound balls re-knit!
Work on the shawl border continues 19 of 30 repeats done


  1. Finish Sagano Shawl – Deadline August 21st for the KAL prizes. Eep! Not much time left on this goal.
  2. Finish Miss Dashwood – really! Hahahahaha!!!!
  3. Cast on baby sweater for cousin’s baby – gramps pattern sans shawl collar Probably not, even though I keep thinking I will grab it at any moment. 
  4. Cast on baby blanket for choir director’s grandson – have yarn, not sure on pattern, deadline November. Just gonna wait on this until the above items are done. 
  5. Restart a long standing UFO – This is a must do before I allow myself to cast on the sweater I want to make. I haven’t even pulled it out of the closet! 

I think my productivity of July made me think I would get a lot done this month. But there has just been too much going on to keep up that pace. Now that school is looming for the girls and a new job for Dive Girl, my time will be freed up more than it’s ever been! I will either be so lonely or so thrilled.

One thought on “Mid August Recap

  1. Maybe a little bit of lonely AND a little bit of happy. Good luck to your kids this year in school.

    I know you’ll knit up that extra stash in no time flat.

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