Did I mention how old I was feeling?

Well today that feeling is even more amplified!!! My first born is turning 21 today. How did that happen??? I know just yesterday she was making her appearance, reluctantly. After close to 24 hours of non-labor labor the Dr decided it was C-section or nothing. She was in fetal distress. So off we went to the OR.

All I remember is, at one point they said “drop the table” and the assisting Dr got on top of it, pushing on the top of my stomach, trying to push her out. Seems she went back up under my rib cage. Once out, we learned why. She had the cord wrapped around her neck…..TWICE! She sure is an over achiever! The other issue was the Dr.s and nurses trying to keep from falling as they slid on the amniotic fluid that overflowed the table skirt. LOL, seems I don’t do things by half either. But the biggest joke of the day was the fact her cord was so long they could jump rope with it! Or so they said.

So even though she entered the world against her will, 😜 she sure hasn’t held back in the living of it! She has gone after many goals and has her heart set on a career in medicine. We are so proud her drive in this endeavor and support her all the way.

She also has a deep and rabid love for all things sports!!! Especially the St Louis Cardinals! ⚾️ When she was little Hubster and I would urge her to like our favorite NASCAR driver. As we goaded her to say our driver’s name she piped up and said her favorite was Terry ‘abonte! 🏁 She couldn’t say her L’s. She also loves her home state Colts. She’s even met some of the players while at school in Indy. I keep telling her I pray God sends her a young man to marry who is just as fanatical about sports as she. To the point no one can tell which one of them is the more dedicated. We also pray this young man does not root for the Cubs! 😈

So that’s my Cater’s in a nutshell. Every bit of her OCD self is a joy to know (she’s a lot like her momma)!! I can’t wait to meet her at the other stages of her life. But I must say that I am really not looking forward to the drunk 21 year old the day after. 😣 Good thing her dad and our family friends are taking her out, I know they will have her back.

 Cait college
Ages 9 days to 2 years

She loves watching babies

San Francisco 2011

French Lick 2015


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