Wednesday WIP

My WIP today is actually a wait and see how College Girl feels after her surgery. This is, hopefully, our last surgery of the year. #4 for those counting along at home. But this is CG’s 1st of the year. Yes, Diva Girl has been fortunate to endure the other 3! CG is having a fibroadenoma removed from her breast. Just like her momma did at about the same age. We feel sure that it is benign, but with our premiums and deductibles already met, we felt it was best to have it removed and confirmed. It had grown a little between mammograms, so we want to be safe rather than sorry.


So as she is going through surgery I will be knitting on Sagano trying to beat the deadline for the KAL. I fear I won’t make it! I have just started the border and plan to do 3-4 repeats of it, more than the pattern calls for. But the border should go quickly considering it is just a ribbed pattern. Not the Daisy stitch on the purl side which goes sooooo slooooowly!!!! And when you have to rip back all the time because you are incapable of getting the increases straight, what can you do?

Now, back to the waiting for CG to have surgery/wake up/recover/go home/sleep the rest of the day!! When DG had her last surgery we were there 7 hours!! Since CG’s is not quite as invasive, I am hoping it will be less stress and wait. But prayers are VERY appreciated! We are so ready for the Surgery Summer to be over!!! And all the other upheaval we have had in regards to boyfriends and other drama. I am just so done!!!

Two photos making me smile this week
image image
My new knitting corner set up and my car’s odometer.

They both truly speak to my OCD mind. In the first photo I am aghast the lamp shade seam is not hidden! And on the car photo, I wasn’t sure I could keep driving and mess up the symmetry!!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. Best of luck to CG. I hope this is the end of the dramatic events for a little while and you can enjoy your knitting corner in peace! xxx

  2. Well, I’m glad to see you parked before taking the picture. :::wink::: Not sure I would have remembered to do that. I thought I was the only one that got a little squeeeeee about numbers on the odometer.

    Sending healing thoughts to CG (and her momma) and wishes that her biopsy will be benign.

    You need those kids back at school so you can get some YOU TIME!

  3. I hope that the surgery went well! What a summer it has been for you … here’s to a calmer and peaceful fall season. The shawl is looking like it’s back on track. Hope that you have it finished before the deadline in order to qualify for those great prizes.

  4. Oh I am sending my very best to you and your girls. What a rough year and summer. Speedy recovery and best of results for all. I am also wishing you no drama, mama. I have a hard enough time at this age watching the social growing pains…

    Your knitting corner looks fantastic. hehe. super cute.

    Good luck on the shawl! I’ve watch you knit a ton here. I believe in you!

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