Stash Satur….um, Sunday

I meant to post this yesterday, but somehow my brain took a walk and I failed very well. Why do we say failed miserably when actually we are failing well when we, um, fail? Did that make sense? Anyhoo, here’s the latest stash enhancement.

imageGreed, the yarn, not me, but well, yes, maybe me since I ordered this with NO. CLEAR. IDEA. WHAT. IT. WOULD. BE. Pure impulse buy. Maybe it should be named Impulse? I bought it from my lovely friend LeAnn at Forbidden Woolery. Oh, I just love her colors!! These are skeins of 435 yards fingeringweight Superwash BFL, and man are they soft!! And the colors are just gorgeous!!! They are currently in a plastic bag with 2 other skeins of yarn I already had that are, surprise, similar colors in different shades. Hmm, I am thinking the 4 of them need to be something together, but what? I have 1670 yards of fingeringweight Greed and Miss Babs Yummy. The other colors are Lettuce, a lighter shade of green than above, and Rainforest, a darker shade of teal than above.

I am thinking maybe a lightweight cardigan with stripes that alternate every two rows, starting with the darker shades of the colors and transitioning to the lighter shades. A la, Paulie? Or Tempest? Or, do I buy more of the Greed and make Dacapo, which is just like the pattern Elektra, that I have the booklet for, but which calls for DK and I have fingering. Decisions, decisions!!!


But it’s a moot question at this point since I am still slogging away at Sagano! No, I did not make the deadline of Aug 21st, so no prize opportunity for me. But the ultimate prize will be a new shawl when I am done. And I am getting there. On my 3rd, and likely last, wrap row. I thought I would do 4 wrapped rows and then finish off with ribbing, but I am so done with the 3×3 ribbing! I will do 5 rows of ribbing after this row and then bind off in ribbing. I have used 1.4 skeins and hopefully won’t have a lot left of the yarn.

Thank you for the lovely thoughts for College Girl’s surgery. Everything went well, the Dr thinks it is undoubtedly a fibroadenoma, she recovered well, and we are now gearing up for her return to school. This summer has been fraught with so much that I can’t say I am sad to see it come to a close. But it will be hard to see her go back to school and to watch Diva Girl experience her last year of high school. We have already started going to her last season of football games. This year as a spectator instead of a cheerleader. I keep looking for her in the formations though. In a few weeks she hopes to be on the Football Homecoming court, so fingers crossed there. But it will be all so poignant, since we won’t ever go through this again! I better not get started!

Here’s hoping all is well at your end, and you are not at your WIT’S end! I fear I am there most days. LOL


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