Stash encounter

Realizing I should have shown you the four colors I want to combine into a lightweight cardigan, I thought to remedy that faux pas today. So I climbed those stairs, not an everyday occurrence for me since our bedroom is downstairs. But I sacrificed anyway. Here are the possible combos I can use for a sweater with the addition of a pop color to increase my options with a mite more yardage. Or I could just forget the pop colors and go for the dichromatic look.

image image

The left version would be sage, the right appeals greatly to me! In this photo the teals do not look like much of a contrast, so maybe I need to get a different skein of a lighter teal? Maybe I need to determine what stripe pattern I am going for to know if the orange would be a good choice. Maybe I need to stop creating more plans for new WIPs that will take over my knitting!!!

imageI had 2 WIPs going and 1 UFO I wanted to add to the mix. And then I started a baby sweater. As you can see the body is done, I just need to add the button band. Only, I ran out of yarn!!!! Just hoping Sheepskeins has another skein of Navy. Which is a crap shoot since I got this skein from WEBS. But I don’t want to wait on WEBS!!! Plus, why pay for shipping when I might be able to match it on Wednesday.

And then, I cast on another baby hat! But I had a reason, I needed something to knit on during church, where I knit on donation hats for our favorite charity, Operation Christmas Child. So now I can choose from the boring 3×3 ribbing of the last few rows of Sagano, the tedious chart-manacled knit of Miss Dashwood, the cable crossing chart-manacled UFO Cabled Shawl, or the easy-peasy-lemony-squeezy baby hat, which I have knit about 15 times recently. Or I can sit and stare at the baby sweater until I get back to the shop to see if they have the color I need.

Maybe I will just go swimming with the dogs?

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