image….by the time you are reading this I am done with the bind off on the Sagano Shawl. I really hope it’s so. Cause those last 5 rows and bind off were mind numbingly BORING!!! Gah! And hopefully I will be able to get the shawl blocked today and have it ready for a viewing on Wednesday.

I can’t wait to see how much larger it is after adding repeats to the body and border. I really wanted 4 sections in the border, but that 4th one just wasn’t going to happen! Oh well, it will be gorgeous no matter.

In other avoid the bind off news, I messed around with a random stripe generator to get an idea of how to stripe that fingeringweight sweater I am now obsessed with. Like I really need another project to start!!! But anyhow, here’s the one that is giving it a possible shot.

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 3.36 image

Counting the amount of rows used in each color they each came out between 18-20, so that would use up each color at an equal rate. They are all between 400-440 yards, so I have about 2100 yards total. Enough for quite a few sweaters I have been perusing. But I need to stop because before I can even imagine starting this sweater I want to do this one!!

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 7.46.32 PM image

OK, time to stop the knitting dreams and face reality. College Girl heads back to school tomorrow and we will be lost for a bit. It will be lonely without her, but we will see her soon as we have a camping weekend planned in 3 weeks. And I plan to head up to Indy the next weekend to visit my sister. So it will almost be like she never left! LOL.

Now, must get the day going, off to help a friend cut fabric and then a visit to a friend’s little knit corner to see what lovelies she has to offer. And to finish out the evening a farewell dinner for CG plus Happy Anniversary celebration for my parents and my cousins, married the same day in different eras. Hope your day is full of family, friends, and fun!


7 thoughts on “Hopefully….

  1. Your new shawl looks beautiful. And, the sweater you want to knit looks very complicated for my skills but so lovely. I hope your are having a good week. My best to you.

  2. I hope that you find the time to knit that stripe sweater because those colors are the bomb. I like the pop of orange. Thanks for the link to the colorwork pullover. It’s going to be amazing in those colors.

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