Sagano is Finito!!

And I love it! Sorry no modeled shots, no one was home or awake by the time we returned from our family celebration. You will have to content yourself with these attempts at still life photography.

image image

Just look at that texture!

image image image

You can see the Daisy Stitch creates a different orientation on the triangle halves.


The Wrapped Ribbed border is a neat twist on an edging. But boring!! Now I wish I had added a row or two more to the end, but I am not ripping back to add!!

image image

Before about 18″x38″, After 21″x45″, not a pin or wire needed to block!

I am hoping our cool summer gets even cooler soon so I can wear this out! Not sure what I will wear it with, I bet I can find something. But today I will just carry it along to knitting and show it off. We are celebrating a birthday this week so I made Texas Pecan Pie Bars for the festivities!!! Yum Yum! You should too, they are the bomb!

Now off to see what others are doing today.


12 thoughts on “Sagano is Finito!!

  1. Love this! Want this! In exactly that color. Besides that gorgeous autumnal color, my favorite part is the texture of the daisy stitch. I think the shawl would go great with a dark brown or grey or khaki top.

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