A trio of FOs

A trio of hats that look nothing like each other! 2 have used up the remaining yarn from stash,  one is from new stash! Each are adorable in their own way. 2 even used the patterns as written!!!

image image image

First up is Magic Coffee Baby Hat
lla Rae Superwash Classic leftovers

I love to put a bit of the contrast color into the pom pom to mix it up a bit. One of these days I am going to experiment with adding little bits of a lot of colors to see what it looks like. Polka Dots maybe? Or each layer of wraps a different color. Stripes?

image image image

 Next up is Punkin Head
arabella Merino Superwash

I. LOVE. THIS. YARN!!! It is so soft and knits up quick at Aran weight. And my local shop has it 50% off, so I’m thinking I might have to grab some more. I have enough to make 2 more hats in the same manner, and then I can make one in just the leaf color. 4 hats for a cost of $11.00, it’s a win!

image image image

And last is “kind of a Slouchy Baby Hat
Leftover Sirdar Snuggly 4 Ply and Valley DK Superwash

Used up all of the remaining stash of Valley and no more of the Snuggly left. Now to use up more of the new stash I have acquired this year. If it doesn’t remain in the stash after December, did I really buy any yarn in 2015? LOL!

So, what kind of finishes have you done this week? Larger, small, we love to see them all!!! Now go here to feast your eyes on all the fibery goodness of the week.

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