Plans Concerning a Sweater

OK, I think you know that I am now obsessed with 2 sweaters. One using new yarn purchased between Jan and August plus 2 stash skeins, the other using yarn purchased in another realm. I mean, once upon a time, a long, long, time ago!!!!

image image

In avoiding old dreaming of projects to come once I avoid finish old projects, I have narrowed my beady little eyes focus on a modified this and a modified that. The first sweater will be striped, no eyelets, and long sleeved. The second sweater will be steeked to make it a cardigan and will use short rows on back to build up the neckline while leaving the front neckline lower. And I need to decide which order of the two above!

But, which one to make first? And why have I forgotten all those other sweaters I have yarn for? Who knows the answers, maybe I should consult the stars? Or approach the answer from a logical viewpoint?

Since I just got done with a fingering weight shawl, and the current shawl is a sport weight, maybe I should make the worsted weight sweater.  But then again, I just want to work with that new yarn!!! And with it being fingering weight, it might take me all winter to get it done. LOL. But then, if I start the Autumn Leaves, new name for the worsted weight sweater, I can likely have it done in time for cold weather and THEN start the fingering weight to work on during Winter and have it ready by Spring? And those colors!!! Wait, is it lost on no one but me that both have ORANGE in them!!!

So, what to do. Well, to begin with, a swatch for the Autumn Leaves would be a good idea.
Ignore the pattern here, because I totally screwed that up! LOL


To give my swatch an accurate reading I knit it flat, but instead of purling back, I carried the yarns around the back and knit from right to left only. Then I sewed the edges to prevent raveling and washed the swatch. I know it’s not very big, hey, I never usually even bother! But with sizing being a mite close due to my gauge issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pattern calls for worsted on a US7 at a gauge of 18 sts/4″. I generally knit 20 sts/4″. I don’t like how loose my fabric is on a US8, so wanted to stay with the US7. I might just grab a US8 and do a St st swatch to see if it’s a major difference. But probably won’t bother with the colorwork.

So, does this mean it’s Autumn Leaves? Well, tomorrow morning we have a 6 hour round trip run to deliver College Girl’s furniture to her dorm, so don’t ya need a new project for these kind of events? Yes, yes I do!

5 thoughts on “Plans Concerning a Sweater

  1. Both sweaters look like good choices…I would probably knit the worsted weight one first so you can wear it sooner, then you can be quick or casual with the fingering weight sweater…unless you are easily distracted like me and can’t resist other projects and their siren song 🙂

  2. You’re serious lady, with the swatching. I love listening to your decision making process. hehe. Whatever you decide, you have a nice chunk of time during that college trip to enjoy playing with some yarn. 🙂

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