SAL Wednesday

Short and sweet since we got home late last night from returning College Girl to school. Well, re-returning her. She noticed her incision was oozing a strange colored liquid Friday night. I told her to head to a Mec Center. They said infection. But by Monday it was no better. So I drove up and got her so she could see her Surgeon on Tuesday. He said it was normal drainage ftom the surgery. Sure wish they had told us it was a possible result! Scared this momma!

So before the drive up on Monday I had gotten to this point on my Cardigan.


This is about 6″ and one skein of the orange Cascade 220. Love that my stitch markers match my colors!

Then on the trip Tuesday to return her to school Hubster drove, so I got to knit! And why not start something new so it would be small and easy. So I did. Prairie Blanket for my great nephew.


Again with the matching stitch markers!!! I actually got further than this before losing the light.

So now I have 3 active WIPs and the desire to cast on MORE!!! Must stop the madness. Maybe I should head over to the link parties to see what others are up to! Like that’s going to stop me from wanting to start more?

10 thoughts on “SAL Wednesday

  1. Oh I definitely can relate to the desire to knit and cast on everything, everywhere. I’m glad your daughter is doing alright but really in such a case better to be safe than sorry Mama, I understand. I hope she heals super fast. You are knitter on fire!

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