Friday Finish!!

If you regularly read the blog you have seen it already, but not with the buttons! gramps is one of my go to patterns for little baby boys! Of which there have been many this year. I think this is my 5th gramps since the first one many years ago. And the first one using a yarn other than Berroco Vintage, I used Ella Rae this time. Either yarn makes a great sweater. This is the 2nd one using the stranded motif on the bottom and the sleeves.

image image

The other mods on this one are the lack of the shawl collar, because I didn’t have enough navy for the collar. And obviously I didn’t have enough to even make a regular button band so I striped it with the other colors. I must say, I LOVE IT STRIPED!!! And I love the buttons I found! They are the perfect match.


imageIn other knitting news, I have gotten almost 1 skein knit into *GNC’s new blanket. This is Prairie Blanket by Oat Couture. I am hoping it will be an acceptable replacement for the missing blanket I made him for his birth. We understand the missing favorite blanket around here. College Girl had her “pilt”, the crib quilt I made for her birth. It got left behind at the condo one year!! The saving grace was that my parents had not left yet and were able to bring it home. I can’t imagine having to drive back to Florida to get it!!

Now, off you go to see what other wonders of knitting have been accomplished this week! I do know you can find a party here, and I will add others as I see them go live.

*Great-Nephew Connor


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