WIPing along Wednesday

Busy week will just be busy on through the weekend, so I am taking all the down time I can get. Lovely Holiday weekend included lots of pool time with the pups and family, and great dinners. By Monday I was happy to just stay close to the house or run errands with hubster. The pups were so exhausted they were happy to just sleep!!

imageSince revealing my knitting terror I have knit all of the frogging and I now stand at @15″. Just a few more inches to go and then it’s sleeve time. Do you do sleeves 1 or 2 at a time? I tend to just do them 1 at a time. The body of the sweater is going quickly, who knows, I could have a sweater before it even gets cold here.

Lately the sweater is all that is getting any time on the needles. I haven’t touched the baby blanket since last Wednesday, so it’s up for some face time tomorrow. It will be good to get back to it.

imageI also have a hat on the needles, but reserve it for Sunday Sermons since I am knitting hats for the Operation Christmas Child Charity at church. I find I am less inclined to allow my mind to wander when my hands are busy. I focus well on speakers when I am doing mindless St st. Round and round I go!!

I am just doing a roll brim hat with blue and black striping at the top. I thought I would have enough of the blue to do the entire hat, but it’s a no go, so black has been added.

So, what’s on your needles this week? New and excited? Old and boring? Sweet and simple? I think all of us are fighting the urge to knit all the things, I know I am right now! Check out who and what and where.

In non knitting but knit related news, I am hoping to change this, into something like this. Wish I could figure out a way to make the markings for needle sizes, but alas, no embroidery machine, or patience for hand embroidery. And I am hoping it is not too padded so that I don’t have an issue with sewing in the pockets and dividers. If nothing else I will just hand stitch the panels in. Now that kind of hand stitching I do have the patience for.


3 thoughts on “WIPing along Wednesday

  1. You made a speedy recovery on the sweater! I usually knit 2 at a time sleeves if they are flat but only one at a time if they are in the round. Great idea for modifying that iPad case. There are so many with cute designs out there.

  2. I so agree with wanting to knit everything. Currently Im crocheting a cardigan for my youngest also knitting a shawl a blanket….. I also have other things going which Im not going to even mention lol so much going! Just can’t say no to new projects lol

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