It was just one of those days

So, you know I talked about my plans for knitting, nothing chart heavy for knitting at our weekly get together. That would mean no heavy chart reading as in Miss Dashwood. And I also planned to give my GNC’s blanket some love as it had been neglected this past week. Well, just what do you think happened?

I didn’t take the Autumn Sweater because I had knit all the yarn from the current cake and didn’t have the remaining hanks ready. So it stayed home. I did pack the blanket, Miss Dashwood already lives in the knitting tote, and I packed yarn for another punkin head. And off I went.

Settled my butt in the chair and grabbed the blanket and my phone. And couldn’t find the pattern on my phone. Then it hit, the pattern is a hard copy that was left at home! OK, back into the tote. So, pull out the next project bag and pulled out Miss D. And notice, there are no needles on the cable. Well, of course not, those needle tips were stolen from Miss D to put on the sweater project!!! Argh! So then it was obvious that the hat would be it, but for some reason I didn’t want to focus on charity knitting while there. What to do.

Duh! You are in a KNIT SHOP! Just what do you think they sell? Knit Pro needle tips! I had been lamenting that I only had one set of US6 tips, and what more perfect time to put  that oversight to bed. So I grabbed a set of US6 and US5. I also only have one of that size.

So new tips on, pattern on phone opened up, knitting commenced, and I was once again reminded why I DO NOT kit heavy charts in public!!! I struggled through it though.

Then once home I decided that I just needed to get this border done! I was at 23 sets and I need 30. 7 more to go. And even though home and not distracted, I again struggled. Why is it that this is so hard for me? And then I grabbed my knitting folio and set up the paper copy with my highlighter tape…..AND IT CLICKED! Huh?

Evidently following the pattern on the phone was just not working for me. I ended up getting to 27 repeats, just couldn’t finish those last 3. But that’s OK, I can whip them out today and then set up to continue on with this pattern. I assume the rest of it will go MUCH quicker!

image image

Wondering if the length is already enough? Maybe I could just skip those last three sections?


It’s 66″ unblocked. Hmm, that should block to a pretty good size. I just might be ready to continue to the next step!


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