I got nothing

Well, I am wealthy beyond measure with my family, our home, and our life, but in the knitting FO department, I’m tapped out! Nothing soon to come down the pipes. No FO’s on the horizon. Not even a spark waiting to ignite. It’s a FO wasteland, I tell ya.

Projects? We got your projects! Overflowing with projects, just nothing approaching the FO stage. Autumn Sweater is halfway through the body. Connor’s Redo Blanket is maybe 24% done. Miss Dashwood isn’t dashing off anytime soon, only her bottom is covered. Eke! Yes, the hat could have been finished at any point on Thursday, but we are prepping for a camping trip, and who needs to see another hat FO? After 29 so far this year, I am thinking hats are going to the back burner for a bit.

So, what to share with you today? Hey, I guess I did finish something. I finished winding all the yarn for Autumn Sweater! See……

image image

As I took the 2nd shot I noticed something.

image  image  image
 image  image  image

Yup, my color choices are never far from my norm.

So, do you have a color scheme? Is there a color on the spectrum that all your friends say….”That’s a (insert your name here) color”. Mine do. Any green in between the lower right shade and the upper left in the yarn cake photo is MY color! You can’t have it, I called dibs! The lighter green shade covers about 30% of the walls in our home, the burgundy is in the kitchen and on my door, and the gold covers 30%. It truly is a fall inspired home.

Oh wait, I did finish something else. I finished the border on Miss Dashwood!! Actually, I just skipped the last 3 repeats. Considering the border already measured 66″ and the finished measurement on the pattern says 65″, I was good. And don’t be surprised if you recognize the stitch pattern, it’s the reverse of Sagano. Same look, but at least this one is being knit from the front side, not the purl side, so no (P3tog, P3)!!!!

saganoa image

The texture is a little different, but still creating the defined lines.

7 thoughts on “I got nothing

  1. My house is pretty much all greys, and greens and beiges… it didn’t happen on purpose either! But I guess we love what we love.
    The autumn sweater is going to be great in those colours.

    1. Ooh, one of my fav skeins is a celery green/gray combo. I must get that going with a shawl pattern! It’s a souvenir skein from our 20 Anniversary trip to Maine. Maybe in 3 more years we can go back for #25 and I will wear the shawl?

  2. I’ve definitely got a palette of colours I’m drawn to. Especially if I’m making things for myself.

    I love the colour combination you’ve chosen for your sweater, can’t wait to see how it gets knitted up

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