Saturday Inspiration

I kind of fell out of the habit of doing these somewhere along the way this year. Just like I stopped being good about Love Your Library posts! Gah! I just can’t keep to a schedule or focus. Oh well, no time like the present to resurrect some fun.

With the recent posting of my yarn cakes I have been thinking all about color. The colors in my house, my wardrobe, my yarn. I always thought green was the predominate colors for all, and it is quite true for the first two items. Come on, when your neighborhood knows your house by the “Billiards Green” house, you obviously like green. Or the “Putting Green” house. My entire house, sans kitchen and baths, had dark green carpeting. At one point my living room walls were Chinese Red. Christmas House would have worked too. And in my wardrobe I have about every color of green in shirts, and a Mt Dew green pair of capris. But if I would tell you my yarn is predominately green, I would be mis-remembering what’s in my yarn. While it is true that I have gobs of green yarn to the tune of 4 sweaters, gallons of green yarn to make 5 shawls, I actually have reams of red for cowls or wraps, piles of purple for sweaters, bunches of burgundy for sweaters, and bit of brown.

And when looking at my personal FO’s, green does not stand out in force. All the colors are represented there. So, do I really love green as much as I say I do? Yup! It’s just that sometimes green isn’t available in the yarn I am looking for. And you can only have SO much green. But the color green will always inspire me to buy it. Whether it’s clothes, paint, yarn, or home decor.

Wonder if it’s because I am a green eyed girl? But then again, I am blue eyed and gray eyed, just depending on what color I am wearing. I always thought guys were trying to use flattery to pick me up when they would tell me what pretty blue eyes I had. Sure, right. But then in photos I saw it really was true. My eyes do change.

So, does color inspire you? Or is it pattern? Do you cleave to one color when choosing yarn, or just go with what the sample used? Are you militant about your color, or laissez-faire? Tell me all about it!


11 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. Oh its colours that inspire me. I am a blue, purple, black and white person. Any colour but green. Green and I just don’t get on! Interesting thoughts on colour choices. I do have a green three piece suite though. I quite like green walls too, very restful. So maybe I like green sometimes.

  2. The only color not represented in my stash or closet is yellow. I just can’t deal with yellow. When the color combo gray and yellow caught on and so many people were wearing it, I sometimes needed to be restrained. OK, maybe I exaggerate a little, but a little “yuck” went off in my head every time I saw that combination.

    1. I have very little yellow in my closet, but all over my walls. And it’s a shame because our daughters’ high school is gold and brown, so I just wear a lot of brown to sporting events.

  3. I tend to be drawn to purples but I also like colours that go well with purple. So blues, greens, reds… I don’t tend to knit with yellow or orange yet two rooms in my house are painted orange and I made my daughter a mustard yellow cardigan so maybe I’m not as fixed against them as I think

  4. I DO like green, but if you look through my stash, I think ALL the colors are pretty well represented.

    In my house —- it’s green. Green shutters (on a cream color house), green furniture, green counters, green pool tiles……..the green goes on and on. LOL

  5. Jewel tones for me — vibrant reds, greens, eggplant. I am always drawn to them, and my yarn stash reflects my personal preferences, which can be a little tricky when I go to knit gifts. 🙂

  6. Before this neutral spell I’ve been going through lately, I would say that color totally inspires me to cast on for a project. I love them all but my current favorite is cyan blue. Also dark forest green.

  7. Flroence

    Hey Chris!

    I have been absent from reading blogs so long and I just decided with some down time I would get back to it. I have missed so much. What inspires? Colour, feel of the yarn or fibre. I have some very different yarns in my stash and some, are close to the same colour. I actually both the same colour way in three different yarns from three different companies. All in purples! I love colour and if you look at my house you can see it. Outside my house is just grey brick with a blue roof. Inside there is a riot of colour. My den and kitchen are sage greens, the laundry room is sunny yellow, my living room is a rusty brown, my hall is a light yellow, my daughter’s room is a deep plummy purple on one wall and a lighter lavender on the other three. The main bath is a bright lovely blue, my craft room is a different shade of a beautiful blue. My bedroom is a grey/teal and brown and the bath is painted the grey/teal. I love blue, teal and brown but I also love purples and all of that is reflected in the yarn I purchase. I do have a few variations here and there but mostly those are the colours I stick to.

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