What a wonderful weekend!

We have an annual camping weekend with a group of friends each year. This past weekend was the date chosen for this year’s event. We started camping in 2005 because our friends’ 3 year old daughter decided she wanted to go camping for her birthday, so her mom asked to see who all wanted to go. From then on we have headed out each year to have fun with the gang. It so happened this year we were camping the same weekend as that little one’s, who is now in high school, birthday.

Besides the sleeping on air mattresses for 2 nights, it is always a blast. For 3 of the previous trips we had a camper we used, but Hubster sold it in 2009! Oh well, it’s still fun. And even after 11 years of doing this, each year you think of better ways to make the cooking and cleaning easier. Now to remember them the next time.

And always present with me is the knitting. I worked on Miss Dashwood by the burning wood of the fire on Friday. Didn’t get a lot done since we had started out the evening at the football game, and I had not taken the knitting in with me. But I would say there isn’t much left on this one. I could have it done in time for it’s debut on Friday if I am diligent. And it would be so nice to actually finish a Love Your Library item! I have been very lax on that challenge this year.


Saturday dawned bright and chilly so I pulled out Connor’s Third/Redo Blanket. At one point I was wishing it was big enough to cover me and keep me warm!! This is about 25″ unblocked and I have about 1 more skein to add before I start the decrease side.


I am thinking I might just add 1/2 skein more to the base and then start the decreases at the bottom edge while keeping the increase at the top edge. Then after 1 skein of this method start the decrease at the top. This would yield a rectangle in place of a square. This might be a better shape for a growing boy. I just don’t want it to be skimpy on the width. I guess I’ll see how much that 1/2 skein gives me along the bottom edge.

I do want to recognize a phenomenon that has happened this summer. It’s going to be called the Great Battery Failure of 2015! 2 months ago my battery failed. It wasn’t pleasant with many places for us to be that day and the next. Then 1 month ago Diva Girl’s battery failed. It was another fiasco with 2 girls needing to be 2 places and only 1 car to get everyone there, after picking DG up from her dead car. And then Friday as College Girl was attempting to leave college, to come home for the camping trip, her battery was….dead! Campus Security finally got her going and she just drove straight home. So in the last 2 months Hubster has been our savior. Now we are just waiting to see if his car battery dies next month! Fingers crossed it doesn’t.


9 thoughts on “What a wonderful weekend!

  1. Miss Dashwood is looking great!
    I haven’t been camping in a very long time – but I always loved it. Of course now, I think I’d prefer a camper with a real bed to an air mattress, but for a night or two, I’d make the sacrifice!

  2. You weekend fills me with envy! Your summer of dying car batteries? Not so much. I am just glad you’re all safe. Fingers crossed for your husband’s battery hehe. Your knitting is making progress! A lot more done than I would’ve expected with your fun times!

  3. You can add my battery in there too. It wasn’t DEAD dead, but I knew it was going……..my key fob wouldn’t work properly. As soon as the battery was changed out ….fob worked again.

  4. Carie

    Oh I love knitting and camping – we spent three weeks this summer travelling around Europe and it was awesome! Your knits are looking beautiful, and warm and snuggly too!

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