What’s going on Wednesday?

Tons of sewing on drapes at our church’s charity endeavor. We do just about any sewing job for hire and the proceeds go into a general fund for the church to use. I help out a few hours on Tuesday mornings. This week we were doing the drapery fabric for 4 sets and man were they heavy! Wrangling the pieces and feeding them through the sewing machine stressed my shoulders to the max! Of course the marathon knitting and trying to move a new chest of drawers out of my car and into the garage, by myself, didn’t help.

Once home yesterday I took my Amazon order up to my craft room to alter a tablet case into a needle case. I was hoping it was a lightly padded case so I could sew through the layers. Unfortunately, it had a light paper board between the fabric and padding that I could not remove. That meant the pockets had to be hand sewn in. More stress on the shoulders due to the awkward angle of sewing.

I had a misstep but I don’t care enough to redo it. Too much sewing would need to be ripped to alter it. If it bothers me too much I will just make it from scratch again.

image image

Outside of case with a zipper pocket and inside of case with needles. The lower pocket holds my longer tips and the upper pocket is for the shorter tips. The right edge is where I didn’t quite have the sizing worked out. But it turned out to be a “design feature”, I can slip papers or patterns into it.

image image

This is the other side showing the pink pocket I added for my cords. The pocket has three sections for cords. I left the top free to create a large pocket. The card pocket fits my needle gauge, the corner tabs hold my I-Pad. I can’t close it with the I-Pad inside, too much bulk, but when open I can fold it back and prop it up to view the I-Pad from an easier angle. Over all I am happy with it, just wish it had not had that paper board added for stability. I was really trying to avoid paying $35.00 for a ChiaoGoo case! Doh! I just saw one on Ebay for $27.00! Oh well, it only cost me $17.00 plus effort. But if I did it again, only 1 row of needles per side and a cable pocket behind on one side. The way I did mine the needles overlap. But it’s not a big deal. Like I said, I can always redo it.

On the knitting needles:
Miss Dashwood is just needing her last skein wound.
Connor’s Redo Blanket hasn’t been touched since we got home from camping.
Autumn Sweater has been dormant for a week, I need to get it back in the loop!

New item:
Scoreboard KAL. I am using the scores from our high school’s football team. The guidelines for my stripes are 1 row for each point. If the same team scores back to back I knit one row in the contrast color to denote the separate scoring plays. To delineate from game to game I do 1 row of each color. Brown=home team, Gold=opposing team. Here’s what I have so far:


I still need to add 2 more 7 row sections of gold, we lost the last one 28-7! But you can see by the beginning we were the only scores on the board. This will eventually be gifted to one of the teachers at the school. She is a great supporter of all the teams. So the name of this knit is “Ms Martin Got Game”!

Now join others in their quest to WIP all the things!


8 thoughts on “What’s going on Wednesday?

  1. You have been so busy! It’s a lot of ache on your shoulders, but it’s good work. You case looks good and I think your feelings about how it’s turned out is a good perspective. I’d love to do this KAL, but I’m not a football gal at least in the team sense.

  2. Who says crafting isn’t exercise, LOL! But seriously, take it easy on the shoulders. Love how the case turned out. All those useful pockets and pretty fabric! Ms. Martin is going to love her Scoreboard.

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