Mid September Recap

Oops! I forgot to set up a recap of the mid way point of September. Not that I have a lot to show, but still.

Knitting it out:
872 yards 4 skeins
Taking it in:
215 yards 1 skein

That Leann! She gets me every time with photos on FB and Instagram! A skein of Sloth in Blue Jeans is headed my way. I am thinking a shortened version of City Creek Cowl.

So at least 650 yards and 3 skeins more out than in this month. Doing good so far.

11,038 yards 51 skeins knit up
907 yards and 4 skeins destashed
11,945 yards and 55 skeins less in stash!!

7875 yards and 36 skeins bought
1259 yards and 5 skeins gifted to me
9134 yards and 41 skeins total added to stash

That means, YTD, I have reduced my stash by 2811 yards and 14 skeins. Just think what that number would have been if I hadn’t bought all that yarn! No wait, perish that thought!

Cost of having fun this month?
$58.02 spent on needles, yarn, and a needle case project.
$330.63 spent YTD.

As I don’t have any plans to purchase more yarn, nor do I have any items on the horizon I will need to buy yarn for, I am likely going to stay under $400.00. I can’t remember the last time I stayed under $400.00 a year on knitting purchases!!! And the 69,000+ yards of yarn in my stash are testament to that fact.

FOs? FOs?? We don’t need no stinking FOs!!! Yeah, I got nothing so far. But I am {} close to done on Miss Dashwood!!! Debut on Friday!

Goals: I didn’t set any for September, but these would have been the ones I would have set.

  1. Finish Miss Dashwood!!!! And I basically have!
  2. Work on Autumn Sweater. And I have!
  3. Work on Connor’s Redo Blanket. And I have!
  4. Start Scoreboard Cowl. And I have!

image image image image

Which is why I haven’t had a FO so far this month!!! Too much starting and not enough finishing.

Now, to see if I can get all those items above to a more finished state. What’s on your plate this month?


5 thoughts on “Mid September Recap

  1. You might not have any FOs right now – but it looks like you will by the end of the month.
    I think I’ve just totally overwhelmed myself with projects… I’ve got to sit down and sort them all out before I go crazy!

  2. Highly impressed with your numbers so far this year, especially staying under $400. I am too scared to keep track of both dollars spent and yarn bought. I know it’s a lot more than $400 though!

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