Fabulous Finish!!

Very excited about today’s finish. Maybe because I am very amazed it ever made it to this point! Miss Dashwood was a soul sucking knit border. A supposed 30 repeats of 16 rows! So I wimped out and stopped at 27. That’s all I could make myself do. I just wanted it done. It took me 2.5 months to make those 27 repeats! I’m serious. And then less than 2 weeks to knit the rest of the shawl.


I never quite know how to block this style of shawl. It’s not truly a crescent, it’s not a half-pi. So I just go with whatever I can get it to do. What I won’t show a better detail of is the mistakes along the lower edge of the border! Many spots where I evidently didn’t twist something. Not sure where my brain was on that. But I doubt most will notice, and there’s no way I am ripping back all of that!

Over all I am pleased. I swung it around my shoulders once dry and it seems like it will drape well. I wasn’t sure about the yarn choice as the weight of the thing became more evident. The yarn is Tosh Sport in Antler. I was beginning to wonder about the heft of the yarn, but it isn’t noticeable on, so I guess my fears were for naught.


I just love the way blocking opens up the lace. The leaf border is gorgeous, even if I hated knitting it! The bobbles were done with a crochet method that I detest. But once started I couldn’t change. Come to think of it, I don’t like any type of bobbles!! Next time I meet up with bobbles they are getting changed to beads.

And last complaint, the top edge. I should have done a few more rows of garter to avoid the curling, but I am not even sure that would help. I think it’s more an issue the transition from the lace pattern to the garter, it just wants to fold there. It won’t matter anyway, when worn it’s just bunched at the neck.

So, despite all of my issues with it, I am pleased with the outcome. I am sure the oyster color will make it a very versatile piece in my wardrobe. Now to just get the temps down so I can wear it!!!

Make the rounds to see who else is finishing today!


15 thoughts on “Fabulous Finish!!

  1. It’s a vision of loveliness! Great job for persevering because that border is beyond beautiful. Love it in the oyster color, too. Bobbles aren’t my favorite things to knit but they do add a wonderful texture to the lace.

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