Fun in Indy

I headed up to Indy with the pups for a visit. Cause having seen their cousin dog the past two weekends wasn’t enough. LOL. We had hoped to attend a dog event today, but the weather has caboshed that idea. Oh well, they don’t know they are missing something.

CG came to my sister’s house let night to see her momma, or really to see her pups. We got food at Magianno’s and then hit Home Goods for stuff. Always a bad thing to do. At least I only spent $85.00 there.

While relaxing at my sister’s house after dinner I kept in touch with Hubster via texting so I could get the scores from the football game. I needed to keep current on the Scoreboard KAL since I ripped out the St st tube I had been knitting. Planned to make it into a cowl but it was too thick. I cast on in 1×1 rib to make a scarf. Much better.

image image image

The three sections show the reults of the three games. The rows represent 1 point scored. Where there are two rows together that means no points were scored by the other team as the game progressed. Brown=Our school, Gold=opposing school. As you can see from the colors the first game was a blowout for us, the others, not so much. Now, only 4 more regular season games to go, and then the sectionals and hopefully regionals after. Since it’s not NFL there won’t be as many games, so I am hoping to get enough length to it.


Aw, poor baby. His momma had to run an errand and he was so sad. Well, this is actually just the one time he stopped playing long enough for me to take a photo. Or he could have been trying to drink the Dew sitting there, it’s hard to tell with him.

I should be visiting all the wonderful knit shops in town, but just don’t have the oomph. It’s just a lazy day today. And let’s be real, do I really need any more yarn!!! Hope your day is full of things you love.


4 thoughts on “Fun in Indy

  1. I can’t remember if I mentioned that I followed the link to the Scoreboard project/KAL and I was wooed. I love the idea and concept. I’m wondering if I should try and apply it to my Professional Soccer team or Basketball team I follow. I’m willy of the nilly for NFL and not a college sports follower. Baseball is almost over, but I’m definitely a Giants fan. Oh … this would be good in Giants colors. See what you’ve done?!? Love your knitting adventures. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Your dog is soo cute in that photo. aww. why are you so mean to him? 😉

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