Friday Fibering

No finishes, as everything is largish and not close to done yet. OK, so yes there is a hat on the needles, but I haven’t touched it in weeks. Anyhoo, the knit of the moment is the sweater. I have gotten to the underarms on my Autumn Sweater and it came with lots of questioning. I was concerned that it would not be long enough. Even if I measured it over and over again, I just couldn’t trust that I was there. Finally I got out two sweaters and compared the length, and I really was there. So, on to sleeves. I started one and worked through the ribbing, then started the 2nd and got it to the same point. Next step was the color work for each and then I put them on 2 circs so I could knit them at the same time. That lasted for about 6 rounds. I remembered why I DON’T do TAAT. The tangling yarn and the constant dangling of the needles. Ugh.


So here we are at a better place, sleeves untangled and the Cardinals are TV. I plan to knit to the increases and switch off between them to keep the increases set. I hope. I do wish I had a slightly longer cables so that it wasn’t so tight on the magic loop, I hate using super long cords. Oh well, better than DPNs.

Now, to ask for your prayers. As I was on the computer the other night I was wrangling with my laptop. It’s OLD!!!!(8 or 9 years old) And crack, the screen frame broke at the lower right hand corner. Oh no!!! I am just waiting for it to stop working. I am hoping it hangs on until I can get a new one, but that’s not any time soon, so I am going to try and revive College Girl’s old computer to get me by if this one stops working.

Anyone have a not so old Mac they aren’t using?

Now off you go, I am sure there’s better news out there in blogland.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fibering

  1. You are doing well with the sweater knitting despite the sort of constricted feeling of the construction haha. I have to say it Chris … if you have anything on that hardrive that you value, that you want to have moving forward back it up. Buy an external drive if you need to, back it up. Okay smothering is done now. xoxo Have a great weekend!

  2. I hate magic looping. I use my dpns, I like them. My computer is only 2 years old and I am thinking I will have to replace it soon. I need a better one. I’m thinking I will give it to dd #2 and buy myself a new one. I’m surprised you have made it that long with it. These days they don’t last at all.

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