2015 The year from hell

We have had the worst year for our family. 2 invasive surgeries for Diva Girl, plus 4 wisdom teeth cut out. College Girl had 1 surgery and lots of hard classes at college. We have had some emotional upheavals, still going through one at the moment. To say its been  hard is spot on. But the worst has been the issues CG has faced from her surgery.

She had a fibroadenoma removed 6 weeks ago. 1 week post surgery she had a follow up and the Dr said everything looked fine. Then we took her back to school and 3 days later she called with concerns about the incision. It was draining. So 2 weeks post surgery she was in a Mec Center trying to determine what was wrong. They said infection and gave her an antibiotic. Case closed? Wrong.

2 days into oral meds she is no better and feeling worse. So Momma Bear jumps into action and I drove up to get her, returned home, and she saw her surgeon the next day. He said, everything’s fine. Really? She has had drainage for over 2 weeks! It’s normal he says. Could be up to 4 weeks. Seriously? Why were we not told of this complication before, during, or after surgery!

So, I told her just keep taking the meds and hopefully it improves. 4 weeks post surgery, still draining, but not as much. 5 weeks post surgery, not really talking about it, but still a minimal amount of drainage. And then a few days later she came home to hang out. During her stay at home she discovered the incision now had 2 places where there was active bleeding. Not heavy, but definitely two spots opening up. Back to Mec Center the next morning. Concern there was a pocket of fluid under the skin. Antibiotic cream prescribed and off for an ultra sound to determine what was wrong. Nothing. The Ultrasound showed nothing!!! I could see the red skin around a faint gray line, but there was no pocket of fluid. Called her Surgeon AGAIN, and was told, have her come back when she is in town again, maybe 2 weeks or so. Um, NO! Ask for a referral to a Doc in Indy.

And then that brings us to Monday night. She texts me that the site is now burning and she is in increasing pain. She’s back at school, momma not there to help, Aunt C springs into action. Meets her at the ER and finally we got an answer. Her body is fighting the subdural stitches! Infection growing. The ER Dr couldn’t get the infected stitches out so they cleaned out the pus, eeuuuuwww! and sent her home with more meds and a referral to a surgeon in Indy. Finally!!! Hoping the meds work this time! And so we are now questioning every level of medical help we have received over the last 6 weeks. And she is so done with this issue. It hasn’t aversely affected her schooling, but has made it hard. You can be sure this momma is lodging a complaint against her surgeon tomorrow! And I should also complain to the Mec center in Indy that didn’t do a culture of the drainage and put her on an ineffective antibiotic!

So need prayers for her healing and for another family issue that is creating stress all around. We are floundering here. But at least knitting, and my pups, are keeping me somewhat sane.


Blanket is almost to halfway point and sleeves are slowing increasing.

And now this physically exhausted mom is done. I have cried my eyes out for the last 3 days. I am ready for 2016, unless it’s just going to be more of the same!


11 thoughts on “2015 The year from hell

  1. I’m so sorry it’s been such tough year. Problems with your health are tough but when it’s your kid’s health, it’s so much worse. Hang in there. Thinking of you and CG xxx

  2. Oh goodness, how horrible. Sending prayers for you all….and that 2016 will be the best year ever for your family! 🙂 Just knit those sorrows away girl!…and keep praying, too. 🙂

  3. That is so lame. I’m so sorry for you all and especially CG, having to endure all that and then on top of it all, this needless amount of infection and discomfort. It sucks you had/have to advocate so hard! Sending her my best wishes for a speedy recovery and good health to the entire household.

  4. I know the hell of docs who “assume” that a post surgical is “normal” and/or the patient is “typical and fussy”. When you find one that actually listens, because who knows our bodies better than WE do, hang on to him/her for dear life – no pun intended. Latest event: my sister-in-law spent 21 days in the hospital (after outpatient surgery) because her “surgeon”, and I use the term loosely, implied she was an hysteric. Not so much. He had injured her during surgery. Unfortunately, she did not have enough evidence to file malpractice. But she was treated VERY badly post surgery. I’m glad SOMEONE paid attention and your daughter (and Mom) was persistent. You must be your best advocate! You go! Take no prisoners.

  5. I find medical professionals can be the worst communicators in the world (right up there with mechanics!) Sending lots of healing juju your way… things have got to look up soon!

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