Thank you! & Fiber Friday

Thank you for all the prayers and comments. CG is still recovering, but she is still battling the infection. Continue the prayers and good vibes!! Still having issues with another area of my life, so continue praying for the situation!!!

Now, on the knitting side, progress is being made, but there is still nothing close to done. Here’s the photos for proof.

image image image

Redo Blanket border. I just love that texture! Sleeves for Autumn Sweater are growing quickly. The black band is a new project, Cambridge Watchcap. Cast on Thursday when I should have been casting on the Passport pattern for the knit along that started Oct 1st. But the hat is more important.

Our good friend J battled appendix cancer. We thought he had won. But the cancer is back. He started chemo to prolong life, but after 1 treatment he has decided to stop and let nature take it’s course. We are devastated. My husband has been best friends with J since their first years in school. I decided that I should knit him a hat. But it’s more for his lovely wife L. I am hoping that he will wear the hat and then in the case that J departs our lives, his scent will cling to the wool and give L comfort when she needs it. I am also thinking of making 2 more hats, one for each son, so they might also find comfort. But I am holding out for a miracle. I know God can handle it.

It puts our issues in perspective to know what J is battling. It puts our trifles into the shadows. It shows our tribulations for what they are, trivial. But it’s still hard to divorce ourselves from our problems. But I guess, it doesn’t really negate the pain we feel in our trials, we just need to understand that they do not always meet the level that other’s experience.

Sorry to be so down, but it’s where my mind is right now. I am sure there is joy out there today, go and see what you can find.



7 thoughts on “Thank you! & Fiber Friday

  1. I didn’t even know you could GET appendix cancer. Will be sending healing and comforting vibes to all those who love and care for J. Also sending good wishes for a speedy recovery to your daughter.

  2. I’m sending you and your loves strength healing thoughts. It is completely understandable if you are feeling down. These are heavy things in your real life with real people you love. It’s great you remain as positive and strong as you can. Wishing you all the best.

  3. I have been in the same position, with loved ones facing cancer so bravely and serenely, while I was devastated and so frightened for them. I will continue to lift you and yours up. Thank heaven for knitting! Right? Yours is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hugs Sweetie! I am glad that CG is doing better. I am so sorry to hear about your husbands friend. My grandfather did the same thing. The quality of life taking chemo or radiation to be quite honest, sucks. I’ve watched my brother go through that and it was not fun. Will be praying for your family as well as his. I think it’s a lovely idea to make caps, that will be something they will love.

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