Recovery and Knitting

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts directed at my family right now. My College girl finally has a visit with a different surgeon in the city where she goes to school. I am probably driving up Wednesday with the films from her original breast exams and the subsequent ultra sound from her MEC visit. She is healing, but there is still an issue with the stitches that did not dissolve and the incision site is still not closed. Hopefully the Surgeon will have a plan of action.

The second issue bedeviling our home was an issue with Diva Girl. Through talking we have come to a plan of action to avoid any more misunderstanding between all parties. It has been a rough summer and I am hoping the next few weeks play out with positive directions.

Through it all I just have to remind myself that I am not the first Mom to face these issues. While everyone’s outward appearance seems to me to be one of light and love, I do not see the behind the scenes they deal with. But also, my daughters are beautiful inside and out, and really are fine young ladies, so what’s a little strife in the long run. Just keeping it real here.

Now, the knitting. That has been a way to keep sane and use my hands to keep busy. Hats have been my go to, since I can knit them on auto pilot. I finished the hat for our friend and gave it to him Sunday. He loves it and I hope it brings him warmth. Then a few more charity hats flew off the needles.

image image image
Cambridge Watchcap
Classic Elite Liberty Wool

image image image
Adaptation of the Watchcap
Leftover Encore and Liberty Wool

image image image
Punkin Head
Karabella Yarns Merino

 Then I had to add to the Scoreboard Scarf for the Spanish Teacher.
Brown is our team, so you can see we had a great week, 41-14!

And lastly, I remembered I needed a baby blanket for a November baby, and the shower is October 25th!!! Caught me sleeping on that one. So I quickly cast on another Walt Painted Chevron.

Walt Painted Chevron Blanket
Berroco Vintage

I have 3 skeins of the yarn, so I am trying to use it up evenly. I am doing 8 rows of green in between the 14 rows of the teal and purple that are alternating. I now wish I had started with 14 rows in the teal instead of the 6 rows the pattern says. Oh well, baby won’t mind.

Since I will likely be traveling Wednesday I will go ahead and link up to the following parties.

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Small Things
Yarn and Life 

11 thoughts on “Recovery and Knitting

  1. Please drive carefully tomorrow, I know that when one of mine sends out an SOS, I want to turn into Superwoman, you know, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Your projects are looking great! Thanks for sharing and I will continue the prayers and positive thoughts.

  2. arabianknits

    I don’t know the back story with your family, but I have prayed for you all just now. It is so hard with adolescent and older children as there is so much we just can’t share about their struggles and ours with them. I will continue to pray.

    The knitting looks great, too. I have a few items ready for Christmas, but I don’t plan on doing an all knit Christmas this year. It would be nice to have a few more finished, but I am so backlogged on other knitting and crocheting that I’m not sure I will make it.

  3. You have had your hands FULL! I am praying things start turning around for you. Especially for your daughter. I was reading about the incision issues – my gosh! I had 4 inches of an 8 inch incision open up once and it was awful – a very long recovery process. Infection is always a risk. I hope your knitting is bringing you comfort.

  4. I’ve been catching up on some of your older posts. I’m so sorry to hear about all of the troubles. I’m not sure why it is so hard for college/university students to get proper medical attention, but I remember the same from my days there. I hope the knitting brings you a bit of peace amid the worrying and turmoil.

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