It’s the small things

Even if it’s just 8 or 14 rows a day. Chipping away will result in a finished object. That’s the goal. Baby Blanket by Oct 25th, ready to gift. So why is it that this is the LAST thing I want to knit!!!


10 stripes down, 11 more to go.

And when you have leftovers from three punkin head hats and you think why not combine them to make a stripey hat.

image image image

Only, you don’t have enough of the orange for the size you decided to knit.

image image image

So you end up with 1 stripe with only 1 row at the top there.

Now, will any of these issues make or break the knit items? No, the blanket will get done, because I am committed to finishing it. The hat is going to be warm no matter how it’s striped.

Now, the big things.

Why is it that no matter how many hat patterns I looked at, none of them agreed on how deep to knit the hat before the decreases!!! I got 5.5″, 6.25″, 7.5″, all for a 16″ circumference hat. Working on limited yarn I knit it to 6″. It will fit someone.

I popped my pinkie knuckle on a door handle 3 weeks ago. 1 week later I popped it again. Now I am noticing the pain has not completely gone and even shooting pains are starting to radiate from the knuckle. I even think there is a faint knot on the knuckle. It’s my tensioning finger!!!! The more knitting I do, the more it is irritated. So, I guess it’s time to go to the Dr. I have too many things to get knit!!!!

I will be knitting tomorrow while I wait for a delivery. A stationary bicycle that my husband choose from a list of items he could receive for his 25th work anniversary. Oh joy! An exercise equipment item. Is he trying to tell me something? OK, it was a choice between a power tool he didn’t need, a treadmill I would not be able to use, or the bike. At least with the bike I will try to learn to knit while riding. Since I don’t have to steer, it’s doable, right? Well, check back on Wednesday to see how successful I was!

Joining with Frontier Dreams today.

Joining with these parties on Wednesday:
Life and Yarn
Yarn Along


11 thoughts on “It’s the small things

  1. Chris, you always make me laugh. I have this image of you knitting furiously away while bobbing up and down on a stationary bike. If anyone can do it, it’s you. Just don’t fall off AND get us a picture stat!

    Your productivity and discipline (especially on the baby blanket) is inspiring. I think I’ll visit the gym AND put in a few blanket rows tonight with your push …

    love the orange and green combination hat.

  2. The thing I HAVE to crochet is the thing I resist most. It is going to be a beautiful baby blanket when finished, though. :^) Hope your knuckle heals soon, but yep…sounds like it’s time to get it checked out.

  3. I think the one thin stripe is a cool design feature 🙂 Ouch, hope the finger is feeling better. And be careful to not have any yarn dangling while knitting and stationary cycling. Don’t ask me how I know.

  4. Ouch! I hit my wrist on a door jam while carrying something very heavy and that is when I developed carpal tunnel. I feel for you friend. The blanket is lovely and the hats are adorable. I have been thinking about a treadmill-which wouldn’t be good for my knees, but a stationary bike sounds good. May have to do that.

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