Friday Fiberlicious Mid October Recap

imageIt’s light today. The 2 blankets are the only things really getting any attention, but I also need to keep up with the scarf, especially since the next game is tonight! So I got on the scarf and got caught up last night.

Here is the latest version of the Scoreboard Scarf. We lost 35-20, so more gold than brown. I am running even on yarn usage with 30 grams left of each color. Fingers crossed I have enough to finish! I don’t want to buy more skeins to finish out. With two more games to go, I think I am good?

OK, Recap
Knit: 1217 yards and 8 skeins
Purchased: 530 yards and 1 skein

I am 687 yards and 7 skeins ahead so far this month.

Knit: 12,676 yards and 61 skeins
Destashed”: 907 yards and 4 skeins
Total: 13,583 yards and 65 skeins
Purchased: 8405 yards and 37 skeins
Gifted: 1259 yards and 5 skeins

And the difference is…….3919 yards and 23 skeins to the less in my stash!

FOs so Far

image image image image image image image

7 Hats

Progress on UFOs

image  image image

And the big item of the week!


It actually is a very nice bike. All kinds of bells and whistles. Now, to try it for real tomorrow. I just rode a bit once we got it put together, well, Hubster put it together. Most important is to figure out how to hook up my IPhone so I can jam while I ride. It has a speaker on it. I told you, bells and whistles!

Head over to the parties! 


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