My knitting space

A knit blog friend recently talked about her crafting set up, where and how she gets her craft on. Which prompted me to take stock of my habits. So I have put together a photo montage of my room and it’s space. Please excuse the messiness, just keeping it real here.

image image image
image image
image image image

I love the French Doors leading into my space. Especially the Transom Window above the door. At Christmas I have a holly arrangement I place up there. This year I want to add a string of lights to it. The two things I want to change in this room? Get rid of that honking huge TV!! I have tried to GIVE it away, no one wants it. And the cables and cords that liter the corner by the window. Ugh. I need to get a surge protector extension cord to use there.

Once the TV is gone I want to get a love seat or over sized chair to use on that wall. The current chair will then go to the ugly cord corner. Then I will use one of the trunks I have as a coffee table/storage. As you can see, my table spaces are a little messy. I tend to just pile things up and leave them be. I need a better storage idea for holding all the things. Or maybe I just need to actually put them where they belong when done with them?

To the sides of the door you can see some of my art. The angel was done with crayons on fabric which was then transferred to paper by ironing. This is the fabric piece rid of the crayon, but still showing the image. My Mom has the transfer on paper framed.  The wall hanging is a quilted piece I did when my daughters where small. I had a quilted piece for just about every holiday. I have no clue what’s become of the others. I need to remake them.

 image image

Where do you craft? Is it a space big or small? Comfy and cozy or sterile and sleek? My sewing, bow making, etc. is done in my upstairs craft room, this area is strictly for my knitting. And now for my biking. I may need to move that bike to the area where the huge TV is now, that way I can watch the real TV while exercising. Would you like a 55″ TV? Free! Just come and take it, please!!!

Joining with Nicole today. Keep Calm and Craft On!!


6 thoughts on “My knitting space

  1. Technically my H and I share our conservatory as our studio but mostly bits and pieces end up all over the house – it’s just the life of a knitter and perpetual maker!

  2. If that is messy you’re not allowed to come over ever. Is it that you don’t like that particular t.v. or you don’t want t.v. in that space?Just curious. It seems like a good space to knit and watch some movie or sports! And the exercise and t.v. sounds good too!

    1. I like to watch TV, it’s just that I don’t need 2 TVs in such a small space. The 55″ is old and it’s picture is narrowing. We replaced that with a new one in our family room, smaller and lighter. Now we are housing this behemoth until we can convince some fool, I mean, lovely person to take it. LOL

  3. Totally envious of your knitting space. Looks really comfy & cozy(and tidy!) My bedroom does double duty as a craft/knitting space. I mainly knit on the bed or downstairs in the library area. Would love a dedicated room for all of my craft supplies & knitting books though.

  4. The angle piece is a really cool idea.

    My stash is in the un-finished basement in plastic bins. I have a cubby in my office for the in progress stuff and am pretty good about putting those things away when I’m not using them… unless you’re talking about papers. Papers are a continual challenge. 😉

    Honestly, between the dog show stuff, alpaca stuff, fiber-y stuff and day job stuff and the fact that my office is small and odd-shaped, that room is always a challenge. It’s easier when everything has a place. I try to keep the rest of the house orderly but my office always seems to be in some state of flux.

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