Wednesday Offerings

A productive and fun weekend leads into a busy week. Our College Girl was home on Fall Break, so we had a fun weekend with a football game, pizza out, church functions, and a farm corn maze!

Who says you can’t be a kid when you’re 21, or even 54!
And yes, there may be video proof of my turn in the big tube thing, but you’re not getting access to it!

And the knitting has been going well lately. I knit through quite a bit of the events and then on Sunday while hopping between LoTR and Harr Potter marathons. Hubster even commented on how torn I must have been that day. LOL. The fruits of my labor are two hats and a finished baby blanket!!!

image image image
image image image
Yarn: Ella Rae Superwash Worsted in Lime Green Heather
Classic Elite Liberty Wool Print in Starry Night
Patterns: My own adaptations of a basic hat

I love the bright teal against the green. The baby blanket I just finished has leftovers of purple, teal, and lime, so expect a few hats with those colors being used together. I think I just might hit 50 hats this year at the rate I am going. If I do 2 a week until the end of the year I can bust that number. And when most are preemie to newborn in size, it’s quick and easy to turnout 2 a week. Just think of all the leftover yarns I can use up! But I am quickly running out of superwash leftovers. Good thing I just ordered 500+ more yards. Oops!

Yes, I confess, almost as soon as I posted my mid October recap, announcing to the blogosphere that I had done so well on not buying too much yarn this month, I went and doubled what I had bought. 535 yards of Meriboo are headed my way so I can knit this hat for a little one. I orderd DK yarn in hopes it will gauge down from worsted.

So, that’s my week so far. What have you been up to, and where are you going from here? Share the deets with us! And check back here on Friday for the Car Seat Baby Blanket reveal. I beat my projection of FO by Friday!!!

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Offerings

  1. I just lived vicariously through your awesome weekend full of fun stuff! I love that you were torn between LOTR and HP. We can hang out and marathon knit anytime! Great post. I want to eat apple pie and knit hats now, except I can’t. Chris, what has happened? I’m obsessed with ONE knit!?!

  2. I have been working on a cowl for a swap and hoods for a friend’s children. The cowl is almost done, I will be casting off tonight and the hoods just need their ears. Then I am back to working on my sweater. I have some baby gifts to make but I can wait a little while. I have tons of stuff I want to do for myself but other things are getting in the way.

  3. Ohhh, please please please can we see that video?!? I think I would have pulled multiple muscles attempting to do what CG is doing in that contraption LOL. You are a hat knitting machine. Cute hats!

  4. I love the colors you chose for your hat! Blues and greens are my favorite. 🙂 I have been reading your posts, admiring your projects (and yarn!), am sending love and prayers to you and your family. Hoping with you for recovery and rest and peace! 🙂

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