Friday Finished!!

I may be finishing a bunch of hats, but big items are making it to the finish line too. Baby Blanket #1 is done!!! I made the Walt Painted Chevron Baby Blanket in the perfect size for a car seat or stroller. When my girls were babies we received numerous hand made blankets. The one I used the most was about 30″ square. That size didn’t overflow the car seat or get tangled in the stroller wheels. This is about 24″x32″.

image image image
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in 3 colors
Pattern: Noted above


And the mail lady came through for me Thursday!!! I love yarny mail! 1 skein each of the 3 colors, and 2 of the beige. This is Frog Tree Meriboo, so soft!! I am making this hat with the yarn. Roositud is a new to me technique that I am eager to try. After seeing these socks I just had to look into this way of creating a color pattern. But, I need to finish some other items before I go in that direction. Namely, Baby Blanket #2. Oh, and Autumn Sweater. And after tonight the Socreboard Scarf.

Funny story about the Scoreboard Scarf. While at knitting on Wednesday I was working on the scarf when one of my knitting buds said she had just finished knitting a Central scarf, Diva Girl’s high school, for Miss Martin. I froze. Then asked “which Miss Martin?”. And she said the Spanish teacher at Central. And I died. That’s the same teacher I am making a Central Scarf for!!!! So, Diva Girl said I could give this scarf to her Calculus teacher and make something else for Miss Martin. Ay-yi-yi! I guess I am on the lookout for another item to knit. I am thinking cowl, so will go to my queue and see what I like. And then go searching for brown or gold yarn to make it with. Hmm, how about some of the leftover yarn from my sweater?

If you want to see what else is going on with Friday blogging head out and enjoy the bounty.




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