Keep Calm

That is one of the most difficult things for me to do. Remain calm in face of upheaval, or even just a bump in the road. I am trying to not be so excitable, but it’s hard. But I refuse to keep calm in the face of new yarn, new patterns, or new anything knit related. And then I just want to cast on ALL THE THINGS!!!! Which is where I am at this season. I can’t remember when it has ever been this bad.

After finishing the blanket and Scoreboard scarf last week I am trying to cast on anything and everything to fill the void. OK, so maybe the other baby blanket, my sweater, and my cabled wrap should have been focused on? Nope, I cast on a pair of fingerless mitts at the football game. The yarn is leftover from my Miss Dashwood. Love that shawl! Hated the knitting of that shawl! These are for Diva Girl.

Pattern: Passport Mitts
Yarn: Mad Tosh Sport in Antler

Then Sunday morning I needed a hat to work on, so Saturday night at the hockey game I cast on Barley.

Pattern: Tincan’s Barley
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease

The yarn is leftover from some sweaters I made for some little cousins. They are knit in the round and then steeked to separate.

And now I must beg for your generosity. Can someone buy me a new Mac Book, please!!! Mine finally bit the dust. The screen was separating from it’s housing and finally over the weekend it decided to no longer show me the goods. So now I am using this Acer piece of ….. junk that was College Girl’s first laptop. As you can see the paragraphs have now shifted, no longer justified to the edge. I can’t get it to correct that! And for no reason at all it will start scrolling and popping up new windows. I can’t get those “awesome” time saving functions to stop!!!! I will tell you to scroll when I want you to scroll! I will open a new window when I want to! And don’t get me started on the relearning the click pad. Now I have to use left and right clicks instead of keystroke shortcuts. Gah! But a new Mac is months away!! MONTHS! OK, enough of my whining. It doesn’t become me, instead I will focus on the bounty before me. A warm house, shelter from the rain, a full belly, a loving family, two precious pups, all  I could ever need at my disposal. I am truly blessed!!

Joining KCCO today. You should play along too!


5 thoughts on “Keep Calm

  1. “Love that shawl! Hated the knitting of that shawl! ” You are so funny! I tell you. I’m all over the damn place. My desire to cast on new things are strong. but I’m so slow with everything and it’s making me agitated. I am driven to finish what’s on the needles before I dive head first into winter starteritis.

  2. I want to cast all the things on but I’m making myself be good. I have two things that need blocked and another I need to get done and sent out next month and I’m working on a sweater, have another bear hood to make and ears to sew on two others. AAAAhhhhhhhhh….too much to do and it’s all my fault because I keep accepting new projects! I have all my beautiful yarns lined up with patterns in ziplock bags and they are sitting there neglected. Once the other projects are done, I refuse to do anything else, oh wait, I am making a baby blanket for a coworker and I want to make something for a friend who had a baby boy. Somebody slap me! LOL all that to say, I know what you are feeling. Calm down and take a deep breath. All will be well. Hugs friend!

  3. Lovely new projects – I did the same this week having been reasonably monogamous for a while, suddenly I have 6 WIP’s. Sorry about the computer, just worked through some issues of our own!

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